Question for players

Anyone else taken actual time out of their day to think about their character’s background, backstory and how that would change how you play and role-play them?

or am I the only theatre kid looking loser here who would actually do that?


theres a handful of lame theatre kid losers like yourself here,
but not me

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Theatre kids aren’t loser :fist:

At first I didn’t because of the grind to max and getting lots of chests. However, now I am because I want to draw my characters. So the more thought I put in, the more I will enjoy playing them and being able to draw them

I never meant to imply that all theatre kids are losers just that I am one

Well I’m the complete opposite, since I don’t bother roleplaying at all.
I got everything on my characters at random, I didn’t even choose their names I kept the ones the game gave me.
But I believe I’m a special breed of non roleplayer, I hope most people at least cared to give their characters names lol.

Hey you be you however you gain enjoyment.

I mean I pretty much chose whatever name I found coolest but then when I got into the game I literally found myself browsing the wiki for if I had a house name and when I found out I totally included it

I haven’t been thinking about any background for my characters, but i do make them to be more open for one.

for like a a few hours tops a day mostly in front of their peers…

I don’ quite see your logic.

Yes, and then afterwards they pretend to be someone else who is happy to be them. They go through so many layers of characters that it’s impossible to know who they are.

I know from experience you’re pulling this out of your ass

I’m pretty sure it’s a joke.

there’s joking and then there’s just being rude

but yeah you’re right

I am not pulling this out of my ass because I had to go into someone’s dream to pull their real selves out. I almost got trapped in there because I went through so many layers.

yup joking.

though not gonna lie this sorta feels… ai generated

Yeah I have 2 characters and I made a little bit of their backstory cause one is a hero and the other is an evil guy. Right now I haven’t thinking about the roleplaying though, instead getting better at pvp is what I’m doing.


I really should get on that role-play usually does lead to pvp in this game
at least when it comes to roleplaying with the opposite end of the morality spectrum

except for that one time when somebody knocked down a tower just because they wanted to be left alone
Leandre Drake learned a valuable lesson that day, being don’t let your preconceived notions cloud your judgement. (they still do but we ignore that part)

No I’ve never done that. I thought about it before though, in a joking manner.

would have thought heading a guild would require some sort of expertise in this sector but it seems I thought wrong.

I don’t roleplay.

respectable different people enjoy different parts of the game