Question for readers

What are some interesting books you’ve read (preferably ones with interesting settings or societies or have an urban fantasy vibe?)


I love the Percy jackson series, it does really great at implementing modern day life and fusing it with Greek mythology

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The Narnia series is where my love for fantasy started

In middle school I really liked a series about dragons by Chris D’lacey, I don’t remember what the series was called or what the series was even about though.

I later found the Inheritance cycle which was by far my favourite fantasy saga for a while. Largely inspired a lot of aspects in most fantasy worlds I create.

There’s Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus which is probably my favourite series from him, it’s a sequel series done right which isn’t too common

If manga counts, then one piece is currently my favourite fantasy series. Berserk will probably be up there soon but I’ve only read the first couple chapters so far


Thud! (by terry pratchet)

unironically, 1984 is pretty good

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The Last Dragon Chronicles.

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The Wings of Fire series is good for a more calm and quick read.

Meanwhile the Throne of Glass series is very long and the books are massive. But much better for a Young Adult Reader.

I like Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives and Mistborn series, he has some long books that you could read chunk by chunk to get through.

I really like Dakota Krouts book series’. In my opinion it should be read in this order Artorian’s Archives (On-going and my favorite one), Divine Dungeon (Finished, but important stuff that relates to Artorian’s Archives), Completionist Chronicles (also on-going and the furthest in the time-line at the moment.)
He works with other writers for any little spin-off or side character books to get a different feel with those books so it’s not the same writing style all the time, and he hasn’t failed with that yet.

I’ll check those out. Estimated average page count?

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Stormlight Archives books are usually around 1000-1200 and mistborn
I think has around 300-500.

All three of the series from Dakota Krout never go below 400 or above 600, so they’re medium sized books.

I meant for like a single book. oh wait. is that a single book?

I chose a range of how big the books are from memory, but Axiom (first book in Artorian’s Archives) is 442 pages long.

Used to watch his YouTube tutorials on stuff like world building, haven’t actually read his books yet though

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I absolutely recommend his books, they’re amazing and the pacing feels natural.

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good to know. thanks for the info. A 442 page book is nice. The Inheritance Cycle has like 600-800 pages per book.

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