Question for zelda fans

legend of zelda: phantom hourglass


legend of zelda: spirit tracks

  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Spirit tracks

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now tell me why

phantom hourglass, the name sounds cooler (i haven’t played either of them)

fek yu!

only zelda games i’ve played are majora’s mask and botw, and i don’t think i ever even finished the first mechanimal in it

Surprisingly enough, spirit tracks is superior in virtually every way from a gameplay standpoint.

literally playing phantom hourglass rn starting a new save

fuck that one chart to find the temple of courage tho

Which one is zelda more legendary in

considering she posses phantoms in spirit tracks, spirit tracks

the one time zelda is an actual character who does shit

isn’t she like a pirate in windwaker or something

Yeah she was in disguise