Question I thought of for a build

Is magic leg/arm gonna released when AO does?

dont thank me, i already know im helpful


happy to help :innocent:

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Maybe, i think vetex said the magic arm lost spell is planned in the qna.

any lost spell could be added we don’t know :person_shrugging:


He did say in the QnA that people can perm remove their limbs for a magic one

that one person gonna role play that one lightning captain from AA. (I forgor name)

there will be at least 5 lost spells added upon release, but we dont which ones

I am not doubting it’s existence I am doubting if it will be present upon release

Magic meteor was in aa (shadows moveset)

so that magic arm and leg since vetex talked about that transformation magic shield a magic dash move maybe a move similar to hover but idk all i said right there was just speculation

So I can get a Spell scroll of Meteor Swarm in AO?

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