Question on inventory items changing order

so after getting all the good stuff i wanna keep on my pvp account, i reorganized my inventory by trading my alt account. ive noticed that sometimes when you trade away a bunch of your stuff at once, your inventory reorganizes itself and gets different. example: my sunken sword was before my oathkeeper but after trading a bunch of items to my alt they moved places.

can someone tell me more about how and when this happens? i dont wanna mess up my inventory’s order again, it took like 1-2 hours to figure everything out and get it right.

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why do you have a turtle


Why not have a turtle?

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Oh yeah, the lucky PvP turtle, that’s why I’ve been missing all this time. After I get one I will never miss a blast ever again.


Your inventory makes my eyes happy

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i honestly have to give you respect for getting exactly a set of strong and hard black magic armor instead of mixing colors

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i didnt even know there was a green rarity how much do those fish even sell for?

golden greatwhites are worth 990, so selling them is 990/4 = ~250

do fish of that rarity not rot or smth?

please take a break from world of magic

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You perfectionist mother fucker

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yea it’d be cool if you could drag and drop items in ur inventory without havin to trade and stuff

Holy shit you are an absolute metamancer

Wait how do you even get a turtle

You go fishing in a river, there you obtain turtles.

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nah they still rot sadly