Question regarding about the pvp level cap

Is the pvp level going to continue going up, or is it eventually going to reach a level cap? (just like how the pvp system starts at level 40 in arcane adventures)

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Somewhere vet said that the end-cap PvP level requirement would be 50, which is reasonable since we get jump spells then and it’d allow for easier escape.


that’ll be useful to my knowledge in the future, thanks!

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Reasonable. Hopefully there’s like a second cap for like level 500 and up. Mostly cause some random guy as a level 1k would end up dicombobulating random level 50s and there would be noone stopping them until another level 1k came.

Okay now that I say it… Meh nah…

Oh wait…

i thought this was posted on april 20th… oh fuck. uh oh.



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1 fucking year

man just pulled the biggest necrobump in human history

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