Questioning The Sanity Of This Conjurer

Light warlock with attack speed build? Laughable, meet this fire conjurer:

Fr tho, how did this get past testing :skull:
Imagine some random ass conjurer walk straight up next to you normally and then he shreds your hp by a ton just because he used an attack speed build with claws or daggers…

Now note that this isnt even max attack speed, he showed me his build:

Insert Jojo reference here

Pulsar DPS Gank :-1:

Claws Attack Speed DPS Gank :+1:

Imagine losing to an m1 attack :sob:

I see nothing wrong with this.

Whats this.

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Rookie numbers

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you won’t be laughing when you can’t dodge any of their hits cause hitscan

so the thing is that im almost 200% sure i saw people using that in the test universe
i guess it was fixed when weapon m1s were gutted, but then they were buffed right before release