Raid Quest

Raid Quest

How it works

The quest giver asks you to defeat a group of bandits and retrieve a valuable item that was stolen from them. These groups of bandits could be a higher level quest that requires a team to complete with high rewards, or it could be a solo quest with less enemies for you to fight and then retrieve the item.


I think it should be added because in theory it sounds like a fun quest to do and it could be done with teams of people (unless team quests are getting removed). I also think it could be a sort of homage to the fetch quests and defeat a bandit quests we have in WoM right now. All I did was combine the two.

I think this should stay as a 1+ User event if this were to be accepted, so it encourages teamwork, and something else to do with, let’s say, smaller guilds, instead of gaining infamy, you’ll have a use in retrieving stuff from this.

I’m voting for this.


I have no friends so I wont be able to do this anyway so im hoping theres a way to streamline this for randoms to form a team, take my vote

sounds cool

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