Random game tutorial cuz I'm bored #2: Blood and Iron

Blood and Iron is one of those games that requires you to figure out most things by yourself. Fortunately, you have an idiot on the forums to do it for you!


Blood and Iron is a game based on the Napoleonic wars. Because of this, all firearms are flintlock and take a long time to reload. Since you’ll usually only shoot your firearm 3-5 times per round, you shouldn’t be afraid to charge into the fray with a bayonet or sword.

The aim of the game is simple: Kill the other team. You have many tools to do this. Whether you use them effectively is up to skill, experience, and teamwork. The tools you spawn with are determined by your unit type and your corps. Every unit has a couple of corps. These are historically accurate army corps from the Napoleonic era. They don’t have any differences between them, aside from different uniforms. Each corps has a few classes as well. Each class has a different uniform and has different equipment.

Units and classes

This is a solid unit to choose. It is versatile and can be used effectively in any situation. If you’re just starting to play the game, then choose infantry. You’ll have the simplest and most beginner friendly experience in the game. There are six (Well, five, really) classes in this unit.

As a ranker, you are a basic soldier. Your purpose in life is to either hang back and shoot from the relative safety of whatever cover is around, or to suicidally charge at the enemy with a melee weapon.

Rankers spawn with a musket and a sword. Your musket usually has a bayonet, you can use it by pressing X. This turns your firearm into a melee weapon. If you want to turn it back into a firearm, then just press X again. The firing process for firearms is extensive and irritating to explain. I will be going over it after I explain each unit and class.

Your sword is a sword. I will be going over melee weapons after I explain firearms.

As an officer, you’re the life of the party. Your very presence inspires others to work harder and aim better. You stand back with the rankers, firing upon any enemies that come close with your trusty pistol.

Officers spawn with a pistol, a sword, and a spyglass. Your spyglass allows you to see further. Using this, you can predict an enemy’s battleplan and relay it to your team. I once used a spyglass to scout the enemy artillery. I relayed to my team that the artillery was aiming at us, right before I got shot through the chest with a cannonball.

Officers also passively boost the accuracy of teammates near them.

Sappers can construct bases with their shovel and hammer tools. As a sap, you build cover for your allies. You also excel in melee combat, thanks to your axe. Sometimes, you’re tasked with making a base for your team to hunker down in.

Your hammer can create different structures. You right click to bring up the menu, and left click to select an object to build. After you select an object, a pile of materials will spawn where you look. you must hit the materials with your hammer using left click in order to build the object. You can also repair objects this way. Shovel does the same thing, but it makes dirt piles and can only build on dirt or grass.

Drummers + musicians
The drummer and other music classes (Fifer, bungler, Etc.) give buffs to nearby allies when they play music. These buffs can be like: faster reload, swing speed, and other useful buffs. Musicians spawn with an instrument and a sword. You can bring up a song menu with right click and choose a song with left click. You will automatically play a song once you choose it, so you only need to worry about sticking close to your teammates.

Colour bearer

As a colour bearer, you lead the suicidal ranker charge into enemy lines. You give buffs to allies near you when you hold your flag. You also spawn with a sword.

Skirmishers have THREE differences to infantry. One, rankers’ muskets do not have a bayonet. Two, rankers belonging to a rifle corps (such as the 95th rifles) will spawn with a rifle instead of a musket. Three, they don’t have as many classes to choose from. Only: officer, ranker, and musician.

Okay this one is weird. Basically, certain countries will have the militia unit. This unit is similar to the skirmishers, but often has less useful melee equipment. There is also, of course, the irregular corps. The irregulars only have one class, the partisan.

Have you ever wanted to gamble your survivability in a brutal war? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

Partisans spawn with RANDOMIZED equipment. This also means that they have access to certain melee weapons that NO OTHER CLASS CAN GET. I will be going over these partisan-only weapons later.

Ah, the cavalry. Cavalry units always spawn with horses. That’s about it. There is some corps variation that I’d like to mention though.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but hussars FUCKING SUCK. They only spawn with a sword when every other corps spawns with fancy equipment.

Lancers spawn with a lance and a sword. Lances are a special weapon that I will go over later.

Imagine a hussar, so boring, so bland. Now give that hussar a gun. BOOM. You have a dragoon.

Dragoon rankers spawn with a musketoon. Which I’ll go over later.

Artillery units have the ability to use and reload cannons. Cannons appear on specific maps, and can be loaded with canister or roundshot. Canister shot is basically a giant-ass shotgun with -90% accuracy. Wheras roundshot is a single cannonball that can actually hit shit.

Rankers spawn with a rammer. Rammers are required to load cannons, meaning that officers and musicians of this unit cannot load cannons. In order to load cannons, you must follow these 4 steps:

1.) Load your ammo of choice, ammo spawns in a box near the cannon. You press E to pick it up.

2.) Left click on the cannon with your rammer to pack the shot down.

3.) Hop on the cannon and fire at your target by pressing F. You aim using the WASD keys.

4.) In order to fire the cannon again, you must first clean it by left clicking on the cannon using your rammer.


In order to fire your gun, you must:

1.) Press F or right click to get your gun into position. This will render you stationary with most guns.

2.) Left click to pull the hammer back. You can do steps 1-2 in any order, but you will still be rendered stationary throughout the firing process no matter which order you choose.

3.) Left click again to fire your gun. After you fire, you may move again.

4.) (optional) Press R to reload your gun. Reloading also renders you stationary throughout the entire process with most guns.

Although all guns have different amounts of damage output, they will all one shot on a headshot.

The musket
The musket is your go to firearm. It has average reload speed and is best used at medium range. Bullet deviation is moderate on this gun.

The pistol
The pistol is the only gun that allows you to move while firing and reloading. It’s reload speed is quick, but it has extremely high bullet deviation. Meaning that it’s best used in close quarters. It has lower damage output when compared to the musket. This weapon will not spawn with a bayonet.

The rifle
The rifle is easily the most damaging firearm in the game. It has extremely slow reload, but makes of for it with it’s high damage output and low bullet deviation. This means that it its best used in medium to long range engagements. The rifle will never spawn with a bayonet.

Disclaimer: You will not be able to snipe someone across the map with this. There is still SOME bullet deviation.

These are similar to muskets, but will always spawn without a bayonet. You cannot fire this while on a horse.


Melee weapons will be your bread and butter when it comes to fighting. You can attack with left click, and most weapons can block using right click.

The sword, saber, and handaxe*
The sword is your base melee. It has decent stats overall with no special gimmicks. The saber is the same story, except it deals more damage to players and (I think) less damage to objects. The handaxe can destroy objects easily and does decent damage to players. They all have the same swing speed.

The axe, and the hammer
The axe is a slow swinging player killing machine. It two-shots players and can destroy objects with ease. The hammer is a partisan-only weapon and does the same as the axe.

The knife (partisan only)
The knife deals as much damage as a sword, except it cannot block and has less reach. The knife makes up for this with it’s insane swing speed.

The lance, the bayonet, and the pike
Spear-type weapons have long reach, average damage, and below average swing speed. The lance does extra damage if you hit someone with it while you’re on horseback. The bayonet is basically a spear that doubles as a gun. The pike has extra-long reach, and is only useable by pikemen (part of the Russian irregular unit) and the partisan.

Warning: Spears might have long reach, but they’re also harder to hit with if your opponent gets really close to you.

The scythe (partisan only)
The scythe is weird. It swings like an axe or hammer, but does the same damage as a sword, and has a bit of extra reach like a spear.

The branch (partisan only)
The branch is arguably the best melee weapon in the entire game. Not because of any special gimmick (It has the same stats as an axe or hammer), but rather, you can beat someone to death with a large stick that you found on the ground. This makes it the best weapon IMO.

The community

My last tutorial didn’t need a section like this, since everyone in the community was extremely chill. However, Blood and Iron’s community is an extremely mixed bag. Most servers are super chill, but you’ll have an approximately 1/5 chance of running into an exploiter or a toxic little shit.

Despite the fact that most servers are chill; if you round delay, then people will turn on you like sharks in bloodied water. Because of this, it’s best if you surrender by holding B if you’re the last person on your team. Or just suicidally charge at the enemy, that works too.

Edit: Retribution made a few corrections in the comment section, so check out his post after you read this.

Edit #2: T-34_76 also made some corrections in the comments.


i always love the chaos and meme musicians in this game

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Yes, they are quite fun

I remember when me and a dude made graves for all the fallen soldier and noone tried to kill us.

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A few addendums:
The hand axe actually does 5 more damage to players, making it marginally more damaging.

The knife does less damage than the swords (Takes like 5-6 hits to kills smh), AND it can be obtained by non-Partisan units. I think it’s in like… Militia Officer’s gear? Can’t remember, but it exists outside of the Partisan. Either way, great meme weapon, unless you’re some stealth god.

The pike will slow you down while it’s in your hands, unless you press X to hold it over your entire arm, pointed at the sky, but this prevents you from attacking. Obviously, press X again to lower it. ALSO the pike is THE BEST anti-cavalry weapon in the game, because if you crouch by pressing C with it out, and some idiot rams into your pike, their horse INSTANTLY DIES from that.

The Hussar is actually a decent class. The big gimmick about it is that it’s a cavalry class… That’s designed to be anti-cavalry… No, seriously, that giant-ass saber is meant to be what you swing at the enemies riding horses too. And it does a good job at tearing holes in them too. Kinda falls flat when the horse dies, though.

Canister Shot is meant for one of two things, more the former than the latter: It’s either for tearing apart the cavalry units, or it’s for whittling down the HP of a charging horde of enemies. Oh, and it also comes with the built-in meme factor of accidentally killing that one lancer who charged in front of your base and you shot the cannon, without realizing they were there, and just dropping them and their horse from full HP to nothing.

Each musician class gives its own buff. When you figure out what gives what, consider the map and choose accordingly.

Although I can’t say for sure, I have reason to believe that the sword and saber are functionally identical. I know for sure that the saber and sword have the same damage, however.

They may call it a “Branch” but that mf thing is a FULL FUCKING TREE LIMB, JESUS

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Oh dam, I guess the guy I killed was super low then.

Oh, THATS why that one cavalry unit’s horse instantly died.

I prefer the lancer for that tbh.

I have never hit anything with canister shot, but this makes sense.

Yeah probably, but I didn’t know what gave which.

Coulda sworn that I two shot a guy with a saber one time… But maybe they were just low.

Thx for the corrections :ok_hand:

hey np man, just thought I’d help out since I played way too much Blood & Iron last year.

:sunglasses: :ok_hand:

Id like to fix some parts of this

Hussars actually spawn with the fastest horses in the game. They can outrun lancers and dragoons which makes them a very good option for those who want to go lone-wolf. The hussar’s job is to hit and run. Also, the damage inflicted by the sword is proportional to speed. The faster you ride, the harder you hit. I do not suggest playing hussar until you master the ability to aim with a horse and sword.

Lancers are the heavy-hitters and have the second-fastest horses. They have the ability to chip off 99% of your health with a full swing, but they aren’t as agile as the hussars. Their massive weapons can also get them spotted fairly easily. It’ll be harder to flank.

Dragoons aren’t necessarily a type of cavalry but more of a mounted infantry. Dragoons have the slowest horse and constantly find themselves being outmaneuvered by hussars and lances. However, the fact that they spawn with a firearm makes them much more dangerous when you kill their horse.

Finally, all of the horses are interchangeable. This means that a Dragoon can get on a Hussar horse and travel at hussar speed if the original owner was killed or disembarked. However, you should be more focused on playing the game then trying to grab yourself a faster horse.

The Skirmisher’s musket has a slightly faster firerate and accuracy (as bayonets make your gun less accurate by offsetting the weight of the weapon).

The Musketoon has the fastest firerate out of all long guns, but is more inaccurate and lacks in range and velocity.

Sadly, the musicians can only buff the nearest player to them when they play a tune. They do not buff multiple people, and the class is usually only played by roleplayers who want to interact with both the friendly and enemy team.

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I unironically love this game, the combat is slow but surprisingly fun, and by removing regen and adding perma-death, the game singlehandedly becomes so much tenser. This feels like one of the best games for Roblox, it just works so well by itself and with Roblox.