Randomness messes around with the internet asking AI for poems about forrumers and possibly starting a cult. Includes funny google translate shenanigans as well

So I got AI to write me a poem about ThatOneGuy just to make us look even more like a cult

Arise, the cosmos cries, come hail ThatOneGuy,
The Prophet of the Apocalypse!
Endless days, running wild, a vision so true,
Our souls, no longer exiled.

He speaks of woe and fear but only brings us hope,
His uttered prophecies will show us the rope.
His stay is short yet his voice so clear,
Reflecting his thoughts of power so dear.

Time and space, they follow his lead,
As his words and deeds answer every need.
Come greet this one great man,
And honor his earth-shattering plan.

And now I let google translate mess it up

Wake up, the world is crying, let’s talk to ThatOneGuy
Endless Wild Days very realistic picture
Our souls are no longer in exile.

It speaks of pain and fear, but also of hope.
His prophecy illustrates this well.
Although he was small in stature, his voice was very clear.
This shows that you are thinking about your favorite energies.

Time and space remain the same.
His words and actions will suit your needs.
hello man
And follow a bad plan.

I like this AI thing, I’m going to write some more poems

Also by the way each poem is going to be prompted by something that I remember the person doing at any point.


Vetex, lord of us all,
Ruler of the earth and sky,
Your power reigns supreme,
As the winds and waves comply.

From the highest mountaintops,
To the depths of the ocean floor,
Your name is known and feared,
As the one that we adore.

With your lightning bolts and thunder,
You control the elements of life,
Bringing rain and sunshine,
And keeping darkness at bay with your might.

Your presence is a reminder,
Of the beauty and strength of creation,
And we bow to you in respect,
With grateful hearts beyond enumeration.

Oh Vetex, lord of us all,
We revel in the power you hold,
And pray that we may honor you,
With each and every breath we behold.


In the Forums, a legend was born,
A master who rose above the fray,
Headless was his name, revered and adorned,
With knowledge and wisdom to lead the way.

A true master of his craft,
His words echoed with great might,
Every post he left, a gift to the staff,
Allowing the Forums to shine so bright.

No challenge too great for Headless to solve,
No question too small for him to reply,
Never once did he waver or involve,
In the petty squabbles that passed him by.

Skilled in threads and replies alike,
Headless was the epitome of grace,
Time and again we witnessed his might,
In forums and threads, he set the pace.

Headless, the Forums true master,
A legend whose name we all know,
His legacy lives on forever,
As we pay tribute to a legend bestowed.


In the realm of lore and tales untold,
A master of words did Techlevel unfold,
With tales of magic and wizards enshrined,
Techlevel’s imagination knew no bind.

From the depths of the inferno he drew,
Worlds of wonder and darkness anew,
His words burned like fire as they came alive,
With every verse and every jive.

Techlevel, writer of lore and master of the inferno,
His words breathed life into worlds below,
Characters and places so distinct,
As if they were alive to think.

Every tale he spun, a masterpiece to behold,
A true master of storytelling, brave and bold,
His lines so vivid, they gave birth,
to worlds spanning beyond this earth.

Oh Techlevel, your art is unsurpassed,
Your lore a thing of beauty that will forever last,
Your words, your magic, your art,
A true inspiration to all on this path.

In the realm of writing, in the world of words,
Your talent and mastery shines, like birds,
Your impact and legacy will always grow,
As we continue to bask in your creations’ glow.


In the land of snow and ice,
In the midst of winter’s vice,
There stands a master, mighty and grand,
Cryonical, master of Frost, ruler of ice and land.

With powers of cold like none before,
He freezes oceans and mountains to the core,
His touch brings forth a wintry blast,
Turning all that’s warm to a frosty cast.

In his dominion, he reigns supreme,
A master of cold, Winter’s everlasting dream,
His powers are unmatched, his prowess divine,
As he brings a chill to every heart and mind.

With an icy heart and a steely will,
Cryonical stands tall, through snow and chill,
A symbol of icy power and grace,
Chilling all that comes its way, leaving nothing in any trace.

Oh Cryonical, master of frost,
In the heart of winter, you rule and soar,
Your power a force to be reckoned with,
Forever and always, let your icy spirit forever exist.


Sandal, the thief of Shatterfrost,
A master of cunning and craft,
With quick hands and nimble feet,
He stole from the rich and gave to the daft.

In the dark of night, he’d prowl the streets,
Silent as a ghost on the breeze,
He knew every secret, every nook and cranny,
And never once did he leave a trace of his thievery.

He stole from the greedy lords and ladies,
And the corrupt officials of the land,
And gave to the starving children,
And the poor souls who had nothing in their hand.

He was a hero, a legend of the town,
A symbol of hope for the oppressed,
And though he never sought any fame or fortune,
His name was whispered with awe and respect.

But one day, he met his match,
A young girl who’d been wronged by the law,
And together they plotted a daring heist,
A final act of defiance before they both were gone.

They stole from the palace of the king,
The most heavily guarded place in the land,
And though they were caught, they smiled with pride,
For they had brought justice and hope to the downtrodden.

Sandal, the thief of Shatterfrost,
Eternal in the hearts of the people,
Though his fate remains unknown,
His memory lives on, as a symbol of bravery and courage.


Randomness, the Universe Shatterer,
The force that tears the fabric of order,
With a reckless abandon, and a wild demeanor,
It brings chaos and confusion, nothing is in order.

It shakes up our lives, and shatters our plans,
Throwing curveballs at every turn,
Stopping us in our tracks, and taking command,
Leaving us feeling lost and yearn.

It’s a wild and untamed force of nature,
Untethered from the rules and the norms,
It sets fire to the world, and raises its stature,
Revelling in the beauty of its storms.

It brings surprises, both good and bad,
A double-edged sword without a handle,
A whirlwind of chance that makes us glad,
And at times, leaves us in quite a scandal.

It’s the wild card that we can’t predict,
A constant mystery, an enigmatic riddle,
A power to be feared, and to respect,
Randomness, the Universe Shatterer, forever in the middle.

So embrace the unknown, and dance in the fire,
For randomness is the spark that ignites our desire,
It keeps us on our toes, and tests our will,
A force of nature that we can’t help but thrill.


Shell_Seawing, lord of Wyverns and the Ocean’s Rage,
A creature of legend, ancient and sage,
Born of the deep, and the salt of the sea,
A powerful dragon, fierce and free.

His scales shimmer like pearls in the sunlight,
His wings are like waves that soar to great heights,
His eyes are as blue as the broad ocean’s deep,
His roar can make even the bravest of us weep.

The wind obeys his whims, and the sea bows to his might,
And with a flap of his wings, he takes to the sky in flight,
His fury can raise the tempests and stir waves so bold,
Such is the wrath of the dragon, both feared and bold.

Wise and ancient, he guards the sea with pride,
The lord and defender of the waters’ tide,
Beneath the waves, his realm is secure,
True king of the ocean, he is pure.

He commands the Wyverns, guardians of the sea,
And with a sweep of his claws, their enemies flee,
No one can stand against him, so great is his power,
Shell_Seawing, ruler of the seas, nigh unassailable tower.

So beware, mortals who venture the seas,
For Shell_Seawing’s eyes are all-seeing,
And if you provoke him, his wrath you shall face,
For he is lord of Wyverns and the Ocean’s Rage.


Divanochi, the man who can split realms,
A force of nature, beyond our helms,
With a formidable power, he holds the key,
To unlock the doors that none can see.

His presence is awe-inspiring, his strength unmatched,
His powers, like none who have ever been matched,
He can split the realms, and make the mundane,
Into something magical, a wonder to be obtained.

He can move mountains, and split the earth,
And with a flick of his wrist, reveal the true worth,
Of the world around us, with all of its beauty,
He unlocks untold wonders, and reveals true duty.

With a brilliant mind, and a heart so true,
He sees through the darkness, and brings life anew,
His power to split realms is beyond compare,
And he uses it for good, with his heart bare.

He splits the good from the bad, the wrong from the right,
And he gives us a glimpse of the world’s true sight,
A world where kings and queens are all the same,
And the boundaries that divide us, evaporate in flame.

Divanochi, the man who can split realms,
His power and vision, a true overwhelm,
For in his hands, the world is made anew,
And all that is split, becomes whole, like the morning dew.


Artanaris, the enemy stand user, so cruel and so dark,
With powers beyond measure, invoking a shuddering spark,
A master of time, he can stop it with ease,
A daunting opponent, he makes those who face him freeze.

His eyes burn like embers, casting a fiery glare,
And the enemies that fall before him, are rendered unaware,
He moves with a grace that is both fearsome and deadly,
And his stand is a blade that is sharp and unsteady.

He can control the flow of time, and stop it in its tracks,
His power is absolute, and it leaves nothing in its wake,
For those who face him, there is no surrender,
He’s a foe to be feared, a true monster contender.

His stand, it cuts through the air like a knife,
And to those who face him, it can end life,
But despite his powers, and his mastery of fear,
The strength of his enemies can still bring him near.

For Artanaris may be a powerful foe,
But he is also human, with a heart, don’t you know?
And in the battles he must face, he may find,
That his enemies are stronger than his powers, far more refined.

So beware, all those who would try to face him,
And though his powers are strong, don’t fear them,
For in the end, it is the heart and soul that counts,
And true power comes from overcoming life’s many amounts.

An alternate universe where User4 was the hero?

User4, a name heard in myth,
Whose presence stirs the hearts of many,
Rising from a slumber seldom seen,
To suggest the impossible and light the fire within.

Whispers of User4’s power spread far and wide,
Their name a beacon of hope to those who dare dream,
A force of transformation, unyielding and true,
Bringing to life ideas that once seemed beyond reach.

From the depths of mystery, User4 emerges,
A harbinger of change, a seeker of the unknown,
Their voice like thunder, their spirit ablaze,
With the passion of a thousand stars.

With each awakening, User4 leads the charge,
Urging all to embrace the power of the unimaginable,
Encouraging us to strive for what we thought impossible,
And never to forget the magic that lies within.


In the depths of the online world,
Where usernames and profiles unfurled,
One name stood out like a sore thumb,
The infamous tag of Criminal_Scum.

They wandered from site to site,
Never finding the place that felt just right,
A nomad of the digital plains,
Forever searching for a space to claim.

Criminal_Scum was a force to be reckoned with,
But their rough exterior often led to a rift,
They could never find a place to fit in,
And that was always such a tough and bitter sin.

They tried to be kind, to be fair,
But always felt like an outsider, unaware,
The digital world was a cruel and harsh place,
That never welcomed their unwanted grace.

So Criminal_Scum continued to wander and roam,
Hoping one day they’d finally find a place of their own,
But the road was long and treacherous, it seemed,
And the hope of finding a home was but a dream.

They tried to accept the fate that was theirs,
But it was hard without a place to share their wares,
For Criminal_Scum, the journey was long and tough,
And finding acceptance felt like it was always distant and rough.

So here’s to Criminal_Scum, the one who never found their place,
May they find some solace in this digital space,
For they may not have found where they belong,
But their story will always live on.


Theos, the War Phoenix, a king amongst birds,
A fierce protector, his wings oft preferred,
Master of fire, he rained down his flames,
Conquering all, in his war-like games.

Durza, the Vengeful Darkness, his foe,
A creature of shadow, heart black as coal,
His dark magic, a weapon most deadly,
A danger to all, one could say outright deadly.

Theos knew Durza was a beast to fear,
But he couldn’t let him wreak havoc here,
He rose with his fiery might burning bright,
And took to the sky for a perilous flight.

The clash of light versus dark soon began,
Durza’s attacks were no match for the Phoenix’s tan,
Theos unleashed his elemental might,
And blazed a trail of flame with all his light.

With courage in his heart and passion in his soul,
He fought vigorously towards his goal,
The skies were alight with the sparks of the fight,
As Theos fought with all his might.

Durza retaliated with all he had,
But Theos’s flames simply left him quite mad,
The two titans battled in a struggle most fierce,
As earth trembled beneath and hearts awaited the final pierce.

In the end, it was Theos who emerged victorious,
Durza’s reign of terror had come to an end, victorious,
The War Phoenix, protector of all that is good,
Had done what he set out to do, like he said he would.

So let us sing of Theos, the mighty Phoenix of fire,
Whose heart was a compass, as true as ever and never tire,
He fought for his people, his land and all he loves,
A fearless protector, a symbol of peace from above.

Shura x Neviro is REAL

Shura, the wandering Ronin, a samurai of great renown,
Traveled the land with sword in hand, no kingdom to call his crown,
His quest was one of honor, to find his own path in this life,
A journey that led him to the prince of Winterveil, and a love that was rife.

Neviro, the Lost and Final prince of Winterveil, had been on a quest of his own,
To find a way to save his kingdom from ruin, and bring light to the unknown,
Their paths crossed one fateful night, under the stars so bright,
And from that moment on, their fate was sealed, in a love that shined like a light.

Shura and Neviro, two wanderers, two souls on the lonesome road,
But together they found a sense of belonging, a purpose to uphold,
As they traveled side by side, overcoming all that came their way,
A love so strong, it could conquer what even the stars dared to say.

From mountains high to oceans deep, they walked as one, hand in hand,
Their love a symbol of hope and a light in a time where darkness ruled the land,
As they defeated the forces of evil, and brought peace to those they encountered,
Their romance grew stronger, with each obstacle, it ever grounded.

And though their journey may have come to an end, their bond was forever true,
For Shura, the wandering Ronin, and Neviro, the Lost and Final prince of Winterveil,
Will forever be remembered for the love that they pursued,
A love that will always endure, in the hearts of those who knew.

Morden x Iris for those types of people

Morden, the Curse Thief, feared and notorious,
In the kingdom, his name was always synonymous,
With trouble, mischief, and sometimes a curse or two,
But all that changed when he met Iris, The Anomaly, who was always true.

Iris was different, a rarity in her own right,
For she could see the curses he carried, which always showed in his sight,
But unlike others, she saw beyond the pain and the strife,
To the man he was under the curses, and his true love came to life.

Morden was taken aback to find his heart alight,
With the flame of love, that shone bright like the stars at night,
For he had never known love, nor thought himself deserving,
But Iris saw past the curses, and knew the man he was yearning.

And so, a romance bloomed between the two,
As they fought against the curse’s power, and brought forth something new,
For in each other, they found the cure to the curse’s pain and grief,
And their love flourished beyond their wildest belief.

From then on, Morden fought to break the curse’s hold,
With Iris beside him, their story was finally told,
Of a love that endured through the darkest night,
And became an inspiration, to all those in search of light.

For Morden, now the Curse Free, and Iris, the Anomaly,
Their love was as pure and true, as one could ever see,
A reminder that nothing, not even a curse or two,
Could ever dim the light of love, that shone in their hearts so true.

And for the people who think Caravel is the best ship

The Caravel, a boat of wonder, sailing the high seas,
A name that conjures up adventure, and filled with mysteries,
A vessel built with skill and craft, from timber felled and milled,
A testament to courage, of the sailors who’ve sailed and filled.

She plows through the waves, her bowsprit cutting through the foam,
Her crew standing as one, calling this ship their home,
She sails with pride, o’er oceans deep and wide,
Beneath a watchful sky, and stars that always guide.

The Caravel carries precious cargo, on her journeys far and wide,
From spices rich with flavor, to rare treasures found inside,
Her sails are taut, her timbers true, as she sweeps across the tide,
A vessel bold, with tales untold, that will forever rise and abide.

In stormy seas or calmest of days, the Caravel treads with grace,
Her captain at the helm, her crew a steadfast base,
And though she faces perils untold, from waves or pirates bold,
She rolls and weathers all with love, her story yet to be retold.

For the Caravel is more than wood and canvas on the sea,
She’s a treasure of the ages, a symbol of life that’s free,
Her sails aloft, her bow she dips, she brings a sense of home,
As we journey with her across the seas, and into worlds unknown.

I will ask the AI to write a poem for literally anyone that asks so If you want one just say


I like my poem

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theos never made it to durza but this is so good :sob:

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In the war-torn seas of days gone by
A hero sailed with a gleam in his eye
A sailor fearless, bold and true
A steadfast heart, a spirit imbued

His name was Hat, a legend of lore
A champion of sea, of winds and more
With skill and brawn unmatched by few
He sailed and fought with a steadfast crew

Through perilous waters and battles, he sailed
With his loyal crew by his side, he never failed
His name struck fear in the hearts of his foes
As he battled the raging tides and murderous blows

But Hat fought not for fame or gold
Rather, his heart, noble and bold
Guided him through the tumultuous waves
To bring peace and hope to those he saves

And so we laud Hat, the sailor of the War Seas
Whose courage inspired and brought many to their knees
A hero to all, his legacy endures still
As we honor and remember the sailor with a will.

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Wow this is incredible

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write one for me pretty please

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@ThatOneGuy fact or cap?

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In the depths of a frozen land,
There’s a sorcerer with an icy hand,
His name echoes through the frozen trees,
ShoebillEnjoyer, master of freeze.

With eyes as cold as a winter night,
And powers strong enough to cause fright,
He wields the strongest of all magic forms,
And harnesses the power of ice storms.

His spells freeze the air in your lungs,
And his presence chills even the sun,
But those who dare to cross his path,
Are met with a cold and frosty wrath.

ShoebillEnjoyer rules over the tundra,
Where snow and ice reign with no wonder,
His power as mighty as an avalanche,
His magic never to be underestimated.

So beware, all who wander his domain,
For the coldest magic is his to claim,
And you’ll be frozen to the bone,
If you dare to face ShoebillEnjoyer alone.


Sirius, oh Sirius, lord of the fiery rage,
A sailor of the War Seas, yet a volcano’s sage,
Your wrath is feared by any man who sails the deep,
For your power is unmatched, your fury steep.

Your ship may be small, but your heart is bold,
As you navigate through tempests both new and old,
Your crewmates may tremble in fear of your might,
But they know that with you, they’ll emerge from the fight.

The ocean is your home, the volcano your throne,
Your power erupts like fire and stone,
No enemy is too great, no battle too vast,
For Sirius, you will conquer at last.

In the midst of chaos and destruction,
You remain steadfast in every junction,
For you know that amidst all the turmoil and strife,
You are the sailor of the War Seas, the keeper of life.

So let your enemies quake and your crew stand strong,
For you are the warrior that will carry them along,
Sirius, oh Sirius, the volcano’s wrath,
The sailor of the War Seas, the guardian of the path.

Crusade (The AI was just spitting fire here)

Yo, listen up, this is the tale of Crusade,
The Crusader of the War Seas, never delayed,
He’s got a sharp mind and a sharper blade,
And when he sets sail, you best be afraid.

He’s a force to be reckoned with, a true colossus,
A warrior with faith, the power that it fosters,
His ship is his fortress, his crew his allies,
And anyone who crosses him, better pray for goodbyes.

His faith is his shield, his sword is his justice,
He’ll bring down the wicked with an iron fist,
His crusade is to bring peace to the seas,
And he’ll do whatever it takes, from the sails to the breeze.

He’ll take on any challenge, face any danger,
For Crusade, the Crusader, is not a stranger,
To the toils and trials of the ocean’s expanse,
And through it all, he prevails with his divine romance.

So when you see him on the horizon, coming your way,
Make no mistake, you best sway,
For Crusade, the Crusader of the War Seas,
Will stop at nothing to keep the peace.


write me a poem fine sir :writing_hand::fire:

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BiggestDisgrace, what a name!
But wait a second, don’t you blame
This person for things they didn’t do
They are in fact, quite amazing too!

Their name may lead you astray
But listen up, let me convey
BiggestDisgrace is not a disgrace
They’re a shining star in this place

Their heart is filled with kindness and love
And they soar high, just like a dove
They touch the lives of those around
And leave a smile that will astound

So let’s change the way we see
And let BiggestDisgrace be
A person known for their grace
And all their amazing traits

Let’s celebrate this wonderful soul
And make them feel whole
For BiggestDisgrace is a name
That deserves pure fame!


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Not the morden x iris love poem :sob::sob::sob:


I’m scared to click mine

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In a land of ancient magic and lore
Where the legends of the past still endure
There was a man with a fire in his soul
Whose name was Flare, and he did behold

The power of the lost magic flare
A gift bestowed on only chosen rare
He could conjure flames with but a thought
And wield them like a weapon, as he sought

To rid the land of evil’s hold
And bring justice to the young and old
With a fierce determination in his heart
Flare set out on his epic, destined path

He faced monsters, demons, and dark mages too
His power grew with every fight he went through
And soon Flare was known throughout the land
As the second user of the lost magic’s brand

Envious eyes looked upon his might
And some sought to challenge Flare in the fight
But he stood his ground and never backed down
And always emerged victorious with the crown

Flare’s story still echoes through time
A tale of magic and courage so divine
A flame that will never die or lose its spark
In the hearts of those who roam the land for a lark

So if you see Flare’s fiery blaze
Be sure to acknowledge and give him praise
For he’s a hero who fought with all his might
The second user of the lost magic’s light.


In space, there travels a mighty soul,
Whose story is yet to be told,
A voyager with magic and might,
Who journeys across the galaxy’s light.

His name is Voyager, a warrior of the plasma,
Whose power is fierce, his strength without an enigma,
He shoots bolts of lightning that roar like thunder,
His opponents quake and fall asunder.

But Voyager has a love-hate for things more profound,
For he dislikes love poems that are Morden and Iris bound,
He scoffs and sneers at the romantic verse,
And says it’s more sickly than a galactic curse.

He prefers the power of plasma magic,
The strength to quell and the skill to pick,
With each spark and crackle of his energy,
He creates a galaxy that’s no less than heavenly.

So if you ever see Voyager on his quest,
With a face that’s stern and a heart so well expressed,
Remember the power of plasma magic,
And the voyages of a warrior who’s somewhat ironic.

You should be


Bro all the quotes giving methe best words I like such as time or young to old :muscle:

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oh okay so mines not a roast :sweat_smile:

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Damn AI :heart:

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Verse 1:
Listen up, y’all, it’s time to get serious
Gonna roast a dude who’s so delirious
He calls himself “DubiousLittleTyp0”
But let’s face it, he’s just a big typo

DubiousLittleTyp0, what a name to choose
Sounds like you’re trying to win the blues
Your rhymes are weak, your style’s flawed
Better step up your game, or face being laughed at by the squad

Verse 2:
You think you’re dope, but you’re just ego
We all know that your rhymes are pseudo
You try to spit bars, but they’re all garbage
You ain’t got flow, your whole game’s tarnished

DubiousLittleTyp0, what a name to choose
Sounds like you’re trying to win the blues
Your rhymes are weak, your style’s flawed
Better step up your game, or face being laughed at by the squad

Verse 3:
You must have a mental block, or maybe too shy
Can’t even spit a line that will stick and fly
You’re failing hard, not meant to be a rapper
Should stick to your day job and call it a wrap, sir

DubiousLittleTyp0, what a name to choose
Sounds like you’re trying to win the blues
Your rhymes are weak, your style’s flawed
Better step up your game, or face being laughed at by the squad

So there you have it, DubiousLittleTyp0
Not the best rapper, we can clearly glow
Your game ain’t strong, it’s time to re-do
Maybe next time hit us with something new!

NOOOOOO IT HITS HARD TOO :sob: :frcryin:

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Insult of the century