Rant - My concluded opinion on Ice Magic

I’ve been using Ice Magic since the first open test of the game, and even though I deleted my first open test file (mainly cause i didn’t like the name “timothy clay”), my 2nd file i ever made was still ice, which currently has 155 hours and over 700 kills, I consider it my main file.

now, as I observed everything around other magics when PvPing other users, I came to 1 solid conclusion:

Ice magic fucking sucks
Why, you might ask?
Well cause it’s fucking horrible. All magics have their own speciality, like doing DoT, being slow but hard hitting, being quick but weak… but ice? all that shit can do is deal low to medium damage, with a slow ass projectile and casting speed. It has no DoT, and all it’s freezing effect can do is make your screen border funny.

b-but! y-yy.y…y.y…you have that 40% bleed boost!

…Is the sorriest excuse I’ve heard for someone calling ice balanced or good. Yes, I get a 40% bleed boost when hitting someone with ice, which only allows me to deal medium-high damage. That’s right. It’s not insane damage, it’s just slightly better. SLIGHTLY BETTER. I’m exchanging all of my stats for this stupid 40% bleed boost just to do “slightly” better damage. I’d rather have a 10% bleed boost with some average stats rather than this walking joke of a magic.

And not only that, if I do apply bleed on my enemy, as long as their IQ is above 30, they will just evade getting hit for the next 5 seconds of which bleeding lasts to avoid taking that “medium-high” damage. Another thing they’ll do is be ready to block, which once again, defeats the whole purpose of ice magic in just a single tap of a button.

Oh, let me not even mention that the most popular magics in this game get rid of bleeding by just tapping shift. Yep, tapping shift. Charging your magic energy, counters ice.

Also, as of 11/1/2020, You can’t proc bleed with most weapons anymore, which completely defeats the whole purpose of ice’s bleed 40%

b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but! y-y-y-y-y-ou can freeze people!!!

buddy do i LOOK like i have water magic as my 2nd? do i LOOK like i have a raincloud on me 24/7? if i wanna wait until I get into the whole “Freezing” thing, i’ll have to wait a couple months, cause i doubt that 2nd magics would come out with TGR, or even shortly after TGR. and i don’t wanna wait a couple months just for ice to be decent.

sounds like a skill issue

when you give me literally any other magic and i kick ass with it, then i don’t really think it’s a skill issue.

oh and by the way
like @mars said

“oh it’s meant to be awful on it’s own it’s just a lame support magic”

If a magic can’t be self dependent then why should you even be allowed to choose it as a first magic? If you use that as an arguement, listen to yourself and how silly you sound.

thanks for reading my shitty rant. ice buff when :fr:


What’s your set up/build? Like your moves and armor equipped.

hybrid def and armor

Alvonette spitting FACTS

but hey, at least it’s not snow
the only good thing going for that piece of crap is that it looks like coke.

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Lmao my main slot is named “Tom Clay”

word and sidenote i hate the ‘‘oh it’s meant to be awful on it’s own it’s just a lame support magic’’ argument too

Ah yes let me add that to the post

well now i just feel attacked for using ice just because i like it
might as well just delete my gen 1 file after reading this


enjoy ice before it makes you rage so much that you make a whole forum rant about it :pensive:

i never raged with ice, i had a lot of fun with it since it was developed (especially making giant clusters of ice all over the map that messed everyone’s day up)

i thought it was a neat utility magic that let you and your group of friends make shortcuts by making entire walkways of ice across lakes and oceans (had a lot of fun moments with that) and had this really cool magic combo i was waiting to pull off when more minds came out

but then i see this post and i can’t help but feel a bit of dread seeing one of my favorite magics get totally dumped, i don’t even feel like playing wom/ao now


at least its not wood


ice is my favorite magic, it has the best effects and best names, the way it sounds and the projectiles also look hella cool too. the charging is my favorite magic charging in the game. when i saw ice magic in action i gasped and was like “i DO NOT care i’m going for ice magic”. it’s a lot of fun to just create paths too and watch all your friends cross it, and sometimes mess with them by creating an ice platform at the spot they’re fishing on

it’s also really loud for no reason
but it’s just… really bad for advanced pvp. it really has mostly downsides and no upsides to it and it’s a real shame because it’s such a cool and unique magic… i mean, i did get 750 kills with just ice alone

i mean hell, maybe if i rant about it enough some day it’ll get buffed? or maybe it’ll just get me muted :roll_eyes:

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maybe it’ll one day get buffed, but not in a format like this
we just love to drown out “rants” as just senseless noise with a side of cheesy quips

maybe when suggestions are up again you can just throw it there i guess, i should never have read this rant, i just feel miserable right now

:nod: it makes me really miserable that i had to write this rant too, but sometimes it all just piles up and it feels like it has to be released somewhere

i’ve also convinced myself multiple times in the past that it WILL get buffed at some point, even if it doesn’t, maybe some day when we’re strong enough in the game it just wont matter if ice is bad or not, and im willing to wait until that day with my 11th gen ice file and on GOD I WILL NOT SWITCH FROM THAT GOD FORSAKEN MAGIC THAT’S BROUGHT ME NOTHING BUT MISERY


they’re down?

Ice is bad rn, but it should get a buff. It does have a really good synergy with water, it just needs better base stats.

Also, as of 11/1/2020, You can’t proc bleed with most weapons anymore, which completely defeats the whole purpose of ice’s bleed 40%

Added that to the post :joy:
Ice is so bad now :joy:

ice buffs always… always

It does more impact damage than any other magic with its bleed boost but if we wanna look at overall it still does right under Acid and Iron which need 3-4 seconds of DoT before surpassing bleed boost ice. Acid needs 6-7 seconds and can’t constantly reapply like Iron. Iron is slower than ice by a significant amount as well, 60% faster i’m pretty sure

Sidenote : Also removes Corroding/Melting/Charred/Bleeding