Rare spell pierce

Rare spell pierce
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The user transforms their arm into a magic sword and lunges at their target at high speed applying their status effect (if any) on hit, knocking the target back and briefly stunning them (0.5 seconds) and temporarily pausing their energy regeneration (3 seconds). The spell will have a 10 second cool down.

Gives mages a close quarters ability that will reward the player on hit and punish any unsuspecting attackers.

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Tbh i don’t think vetex would consider this since it’s pretty similar to the snare spell although it would be cool if this was a customizable thing in the spell edit exclusively for conjurors

I guess it is similar to a snare besides the lunge, maybe instead it could knock people directly down to allow for a follow up attack whilst also halting the energy regen.

god please mages do not need a buff rn

they’re still getting rare spells when the others get implemented lol

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maybe this could be for snares shapes?

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wdym others

right but what i meant is that sparta says this will give mages another close quarters ability when they already have snare which is already kinda weird saying that mages are a zoner class and shouldn’t be given this many options because you wouldn’t give berserkers a load of long range moves because they would all become savants, but i guess i’m overreacting a bit and damn i just accidentally wrote a paragraph

wouldn’t this be for conjurors, not mages?
this would just be giving mages a weapon…

The thing is, at the current moment with mage being strong it seems like any buff or addition to them is uneccessary. But over time having only one defensive option will be really bad I’d imagine. Most people don’t even use snare so this, if anything would be an improved snare. If it is too much we could make it so that at first awakening mages can only have 1 snare type ability.

It would only summon the sword for the duration of the attack and wont remain afterwards. So they wont be able to M1 and what not like a weapons user.

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