Rare Technique, Monk's Eye

Rare Technique, Monk's Eye
effort 5.0 2 quality 4.5 2 reasonability 3.5 2

This is a rare technique that is pretty much placed explosion for magic with all the normal customization magic would get for it (it would look like you placed an eye on the ground for explosions other than pillar which would be in the air because it goes to the eye.) BUT if it hit it does damage and you teleport to the enemy hit and barrage them (does put barrage on cooldown so you can’t double up. the barrage is slightly stronger) This move does leave you vulnerable (end lag) if missed as you have to meditate in the animation to use it. if it hits multiple enemies it does extra damage on the explosion part of the attack and you still have your barrage ready to use

It would look a little purple, black, and your Fighting styles color (sailor is blue, thermo is red etc. imbuing changes black to your magic unless colors overlap) this would be a pretty good idea to me because it gives a little more range to fighting styles as well as getting them close to the enemy in a safe way.


I honestly think this is an incredible idea, it fits extremely well aesthetically in my opinion (incredible job at describing it btw) and it helps with a massive problem FS have rn. it also doesn’t seem overpowered at all to me personally, long endlag on a miss for the possibility to get a slightly stronger, long-range grab seems like a good trade-off.
It also doesn’t seem that hard to implement, the technique can just create a larger version of the current grab hitbox wherever you’re aiming. I could be totally wrong about that though

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yes but no, if feels dumb to explain, you place an explosion, if it hits the barrage activates immediately right behind the target the target if the targets alone (damage would be initial explosion + slightly stronger barrage) and if its 2+ targets its just a strong explosion, hope this kinda helps a little to explain , but i can see what you mean

This is a very cool idea, and I really like the sound of it. However, I feel as if this should be an ancient or lost technique (I understand those won’t come anytime soon,) because of the depth and variety inside of it.
Take for example, axe slash. It is rather different from regular techniques, however it is a very simple skill: a ranged slash projectile.
I’m not saying all rare techniques and spells should be this simple, but I’m saying it seems more advanced than what a rare technique would be. Other than that, amazing job!

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yeah makes a lot of sense, it was meant to be rare, never specified how rare i guess

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