Rarity of Primordial and lost magics discussion

Not sure if this was asked, if so it was previous to the QnA. In the stream vetex answered this question of how rare they would be, of which is contrary to the thought of it being fifty times the rarity of the sunken armor.

What are your thoughts on this, what do you think the chances should be?

And just for fun, how long are you willing to spend to get whatever magic you had wanted.

It was mentioned in the QnA that they aren’t going to be ridiculously easy to get, but if you were hunting for them you would most definitely get them.

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the info where lost and ancient magic scrolls were stated to be 1/20k and 1/40k max was almost a year or 2 ago. by this point it’s massively outdated to what is planned atm

ye i’d imagine that they at best would prob be 1/10k max cause 1/20-40k is fairly extreme

Ye I think that’s massively outdated and wrong because lost magics have the same rarity as the rarity for legendary charts from gold rods with that

Especially when you are dangerous sea activities

Also one thing I want to discuss, would lost and ancient magic scrolls be auctionable?

Man me when I become dangerous sea activities

Yes they would be, that is if I remember correctly

God imagine how high the bids will get bro

they are tradeable i dont see why they wouldn’t be available to the auction since it serves as basically a global market

I think that they’d get pretty chaotic really fast when on auctions

So much rare stuff going around for sure

depends on how much supply and demand, initially yeah but it’ll probably fan out over the weeks when they first get added.

irl i could slap the shit outta a primordial user thats just me tho


Probably, weapons would counter a good chunk of magic I would assume, but that’s also something depending on the rarity

Magic gonna need s lot more mobility skills to combat weapons

Probably make a post about that soon if i can, seems like a actual interesting topic

they are coming out in two years my g :pray:

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cant wait to see a player events where someone auctions a fucking primadial magic scroll