Rate my ship stats

Screenshot 2023-03-27 202424

not enough turning gotta get it to 100 fr :pray:

Seems better for exploration instead of ship fights, I rate it 9/10 for exploring/cargo and 7/10 for ship fights, but tbh I havent done ship fights in a while and I only sunk 70 ships so I wouldnt really know

Seems good for hunting bounties.

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seems cool, what the ship look like tho

Your midsilience is lacking, get that to 100% so you can go full speed downwind.

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seems good for cargo, i would recommend swapping to caravel and getting a ram if you’re tryna do ship combat though

but whats the purpose of ship farming since im high lvl?

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Ship farming is one of the main things you do when you’re high level as they allow you to get a good amount of chests along with a good amount of bronze sealed chests which can give you shipyard items, possible enchantment scrolls, and infamy if you’re in a clan.

Sealed chests

Get that bronze framing so you can enchant it to have the perfect ship for the dark seas (and then immediately replace it with dark sea loot)

needs more turning and a ram, you can never go wrong without a ram with that speed

yes. first gotta inflict a -10 to my speed since its a ketch