Rating Each Magic Fairly

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ok disclaimer since you all cant read: this is not in order apart from the last 3

Top 3: (not in order)


The reason why i think wind has become really good is because of the size buff.
wind is the 3rd fastest magic at 1.4x multiplier, 0.1x slower than lightning.
the damage is slightly higher than lightning, however the aoe is huge, at the same size as magma, metal and wood.
the addition of fast speed and large size makes it extremely viable and easy to hit in pvp, and also makes wind a good starter magic for hybrid builds.


Light has always been good. i’ve tested it in wom and was astonished by the speed, now increased even more in AO. with the info from the qna, light would be the best magic for hybrid builds maining not magic, as the speed and blindness combined with the mobility and aoe of weapons/fstyles would be very useful against gankers.


Acid is really underrated.
like really.
With small size and slower speed it might not seem good, but i’ve battled an acid main and can say differently.
The starting damage is the same as wind (0.875x) but it also deals an extra half damage rounded down with its status. That makes it really good for additional damage, as the speed isn’t as bad as other heavy magics (acid is more medium)
the thing that brings acid much higher than that though is the status effect synergies. Acid’s corroding effects has almost all positive synergies, making it very good as a support magic build and for teamers.

Top 5 after: (still not in order chill)


Part of the largest magic group, explosion is a slower magic with a average damage multiplier of 0.925. Explosion has the highest destruction rate in the game, which is good for using a bug that prevents players from t-jumping, however that might affect you too.
explosion also has good clashes, making it a good late-game choice when there are more lost spells. the thing about explosion however is the synergies. like acid, explosion’s charred synergies are mostly positives, but for explosion it is mainly the magic’s own synergies.
Explosion’s magic synergies are the best, especially with heat magics and frozen.
the large aoe also makes it good for hybrids.
Also, explosion can cause petrified with many magics and having 40% extra damage with it, so making use of that synergy would be good.


Fire’s synergies are very powerful with a full heat magic based set.
Fire is fast, deals good damage, and looks very cool.
The lacking traits are the size, clashes, and the fact that you can’t use it in water, however fire would be the best as a first or second magic for synergies and pure damage.
Not much to say, except that it looks cool.


Another heat magic, plasma is fire but faster.
With slightly less damage and better clashes, plasma is more fit as a supporting magic with other heat magics, if you aren’t already using fire.
The main difference is that the status effect of plasma can’t be put out by stepping into a puddle, unlike fire. This way, plasma is better as a main magic for hybrids.


Funny how all 5 of these are heat magics
Magma, though slow, has the second best damage in the game.
It’s synergies are really good, and removes the most statuses out of all the magics. It has a large size multiplier, and a high status effect damage, making it probably the best mid-late game magic due to the mobility and aoe spells later on.
You can also make fun obsidian platforms :slight_smile:

Still top 5 but this time it’s chilly magics


Ice is nice. Everything about ice mostly average, but i think it’s very cool. Like magma, you can create fun platforms, but it looks cooler and has more color variants.
Best synergizing with water and wind, ice is more fit for a 2nd or 3rd magic to make use of the frozen synergy.


Water is support. It can clear pretty much all heat magic statuses, and deals good damage. The size is also the largest (along with earth and explosion), making it a good hybrid build magic for freeze comboes.
Water, due to it’s synergies, is best for a non full mage build or a full freeze build.


doesnt really fit here but it also synergizes with cold magics so idk
Lightning overall is probably on-par with acid. With all positive status interactions (apart from petrified for some reason), lightning’s speed and damage matches well for a 1st magic, and it looks good, probably why it is most popular.
It’s only worse because, even though it has many interactions, most of them aren’t huge.
Good for teamworking


Also doesnt fit here but like wtf theres only 3 cold magics
Now the best damage:speed ratio magic in the game, it has been pushed back a bit from wind due to the small magic size. Shadow only has bad synergies, and early game isn’t too pvp focused, so it is better to get shadow later to synergize with dark lost and ancient magics. You can also run shadow as a hybrid, as the speed and damage would work well with weapons and fstyles.


I actually think wood would get pretty good mid-late game. Looking at the synergies, it ONLY has positive synergies, making it really good for a team based support magic or a 2nd or 3rd magic. It has 1.2x size, very large, and the only things holding it back are the slow speed and below average clashes. Due to magic imbuement after awakenings, wood’s synergies can be quite helpful when you want some extra damage.

Good magics (supports or something)


Earth is actually a pretty good magic. It’s size and damage makes it good to use with weapons, as it synergizes well with bleeding and is slow to use early game.
It has very little synergies, though all positive, and would be best used as a non full mage build for the bleeding synergy and size.


Best as a freeze comboer, you can use metal with hybrids for a lot of extra damage and resistant. Mostly a late game magic due to the slow speed, you can choose it for the easy bleed and heaviest impact damage for punishers.


Useful as a support magic for heat based magic, as the synergies are good but everything else about it is average.


Glass, like sand, is a good magic for supports. what makes glass better though is the bleeding and the extra glass shards, making it a good late game magic for large aoe spell spams.


Crystal is pretty much free extra damage with heavy magics or light.
Using large aoes, you can easily apply crystallized for the good damage boost for heavier magics, and it looks dope. The synergies are fine, most noticably with bleed so it would work very well with conjurers. You can use crystal as a first magic to apply crystallized with fast weapon and fstyles, then use another magic to make use of the extra damage.

Everything else


Poison’s status effect can only be cleared by wind. Poison’s clouds can be used with fire or plasma to do quick damage in a large area, which would be very good for boss fights and clan wars.
Poison is pretty much the best area support in the game, and would be most useful with other support magics and instrument buffs.


Ash has similar mechanics to ice, petrifying if 33% health done in one hit or when used with fire. Overall, ash is on the worse side of magics, as poison clouds are a lot better to use, but if you want even more magic clouds for damage spam and grinding, ash is your choice.


Snow is probably only used for frozen synergy. It’s status effect is cleared by 7 different magics, making it bad for teamwork and hybrid builds. Statistically, it’s just a faster ice that can be used to freeze and has worse synergies and clashes.
Use this with water or ice for frozen, but wind is a better choice for ice and lightning has much better synergies with water and it also outspeeds snow.

buff snow please

Tl;dr: snow is bad buff snow
and also ash

bro water, shadow and wind are top 3 its basically factual at this point

idk how you got acid up there and idk how explosion got #4 either


this isnt in order bro

I thought you were ranking them in groups but the ones in each group weren’t in order

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ye only the last group is where its supposed to be lol

This is organized in a confusing way

(its not organized)

Light top 3


ok fine i put a disclaimer

Light is not that good man, especially in close range. It just doesn’t have enough damage.

Poison is pretty good if you know how to use it.

but combined with infusion in ao it would make running away very quick :wink:

True, but right now it’s kinda bad

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Crystal is also the only magic that boosts light which is pretty neat.
(Using this as another reason to say that shadows drained effect should buff light and vice versa instead of nerfing eachother :nod:)


4th highest damage in the game very support magic yes :grinning::grinning:

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You support by killing the enemy lol