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Oh my god, thank you, Vetex fixed a bug that even Ubisoft couldn’t fix, what I’m talking about will only be understood by those who played Assassin’s creed 4 black flag, because there was such a problem and it was never fixed.
(Don’t tell me these are two different games, I already know that, but I highly doubt that Ubisoft really couldn’t fix that bug, it’s more likely that they speedrun the creation of the game as usual.)

in my coding experience all you need to do is move the player up (very quickly) until they arent inside of the hull anymore.
not too hard of a fix but of course i used block coding so games with actual physics might have to mess around with some other things.

Are you good at coding? I recently started learning too, but all I can do is program the calculator or make some figures using Turtle (Python module).

less about the game, probably more about the engine the game’s running on/made in