Reddit, AITA? 🤨

I’ll be very honest as to what I did :mariomug:. Today, I went to every server in WoM and decided to scam some people out of their boss drops. This includes getting boss items for crowns, or even getting July 4th Seasonals for the price of common items that you would find in a chest. After I was done, on the very last server I went to, I gave away some boss drops to someone who happened to spawn near me. They randomly wanted to team, but I said I couldn’t, and so I just gave her some boss drops all for free and I left. Technically, I made a profit while also paying some taxes. Were my actions justified??? :face_with_monocle:

Yes I would do it again


Reddit moment

I mean you are an asshole but traders are dumb anyways so it’s deserved


sounds like you just lowballed people, everyone here does it

NTA, your trade your rules

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one time i was over at a friends house and we didnt really have anything to do so i got on an alt and scammed 25+ people out of their meta items. i simply gave bad enchant meta items for their clean ones. and i got a boss drop and a couple seasonals out of it too

yta, don’t scam people.

there is a very important distinction between “scam” and “lowball” which one was it, for educational purposes of course

I guess it’s more lowball as most trades included items but some were just strictly crowns

scam = maliciously tricking players through messages into thinking a bad trade is a good one
lowball = giving less items than the standard for a certain item w/o malicious trickery

im starting to think someone should make a trading discussion post about this since a bunch of novice and rookie traders mixing it up and it could mean harm to their rep

everyone here and their mom has lowballed people out of rares at least once

I know…why are you telling me that?

replied to the wrong post, i was telling star

Eh, i dont think you’re a bad person, i wouldnt think you were bad even if you didnt give away the boss drops at the end. Id just call that a successful day

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