Relentless Renegades [Mercenary for hires] [[[Join for best experience while earning some decent Crowns!]]]

Guild Name:Relentless Renegades
Guild Status: Light & Dark
Guild Owner: Wendell Banks or Xavier Rose

This Guild is a Neutral Guild, We do Give away, Events, Challenges, Trades, Game Night, Chats, Voice, Art and Other things, This can be basically a place where you’ll really have fun, But when things gets serious, Everyone should be prepared, Here, We gather members to make the Guild more Alive, We need all of you to be Strong and Balanced, Things might get rough but, We never, NEVER leave our Comrade’s behind
All lvl’s is fine, we’ll gladly help the ones in need of assistance, but when your maxed out, we’ll have special spots for you in the discord! and expect daily founding’s of items which we can sell of try to bribe some players or even a guild.

Motto: “if you want people that would do the most vile, or the most virtuous, Relentless Renegades are in, but by a price”

What is Relentless Renegades? well as the word “Relentless” where persistent members, and Renegades, if theirs a person that’s looking for mercs, this place is your best bet, and expect us quickly changing allegiance when the other party raks up their total value of crowns, so be better be handful of goddies so we can help ya out, especially expect us to not join in fights where its typical good vs evil, but we’ll only join the fights when their is crowns on the line, or even items.

roblox: Entity_Xavier24

And where having a special routine where its called “Weekly Findings” which the items you’ve guys found will be probably be used for the lower level members or used to sell them for crowns OR bribing a guild! so join now to experience this huge routine! Remember, but by a price… :crossed_swords: :shield:

The Discord server is still in the making! but feel free to join! the more members the more fun!

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