Relgion in world of Magic

do the people in the Game follow God or is me killing them justified

it wouldint be called a “religion” I would assume. because in the story Prometheus gave humans magic instead of fire

I am pretty sure they follow the Islamic religion because I saw someone named “Mohammed”

we haven’t seen any evidence whatsoever of religion in wom as of yet

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There’s no religion in World Of MAGIC, god doesn’t exist in WoM, only greek myths are the gods of WoM.

Greek mythology is technically the religion of the world.

the world is only loosely based off greek mythology, and its not a religion

most of the “gods” have been dead for thousands of years

the gods were just a race with incredibly good magical control, not literal “gods”

Note the “technically”. If there is a legitimate religion in this world, then I guess I’d have to say Christianity or atheism. Due to personal bias I’d say atheism but think what you want and carry on.

On a side note, where did Vetex confirm the gods were just a race and not the actual gods that created shit?

In WoM canon, the greek gods were a thing that existed, and were promptly murdered by Prometheus after he gave humans the gift of magic. Zeus actually was resurrected by Durza as a last line of defence, and actually managed to defeat Cursebeard. Zeus however was defeated by the Peacekeeper shortly after.

Though, most of this information is supposedly lost to time, as it was over 1000 years ago that these events even occured. If there were any gods for the average Magius citizen to worship, it would likely worship either the Peacekeeper or Theos, or maybe some with a taste for evil would worship Durza.

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ok but i wonder if there is any type of religion on AO


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