Removed Game Themes

After playing AO a couple of months ago (tgr release), i noticed that many themes have been removed.
Like the ship combat music, normal combat music and many other.
These themes were at one point, already in the game, not sure why vetex removed them.

Comment what do you think (and please send me the ship combat theme if you can)

either optimization purposes or they were just unnecessary for AO

also I don’t think there was ever a “ship combat theme”

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when ship npcs we’re added, vetex also added a theme that would play when you fought them. (in one or two leaks), you can also check the patch notes of ver 1.8.73 i think (i forgot)

you can also check cryo’s test universe video:

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When legendary ships are added imma just turn potc music and fucking commit He’s a pirate.

give me the i need
the ship combat theme is so good