Rename the "Art of" Magics


Rename these magics:
Sacrifice Magic
Lazarus Magic
Time Magic
Order Magic

Details/background on your proposal

(Include attachments, examples, and possible demonstrations of your idea as well here.)
Originally, WoM/AO was going to be a Fairy Tale sort of game, which led to magics like Paper Magic and the various Arts. With the removal of Paper and Ink Magics, I suggest renaming the “Art” magics to standard magic names.

Reason to add/change

This both shows that WoM/AO is its own game in the Arcane Universe, and maintains the standard template.

Notably, Order Magic sounds stupid. However, synonyms for Order are rather distasteful. Perhaps making it not a “Magic” and more like Apocalypse Bringer could be a solution.

@AnUnnamedBoi suggests Judgement Magic which is pretty good.

what about “judgement magic” for art of order


I see how you would think this would make sense but it doesn’t, you see Sacrifice and Lazarus magic as themselves are completely different, Lazarus allows the user to die and have a chance to be revived even more powerful, Sacrifice is relatively the same but can do normal attacks, And order and time magic just doesn’t sound right, basically the arts are arts not complete magic types, from how I see them they are incomplete versions of their full counterpart

Sorry but no, doesn’t sound as cool

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Isn’t that the Lazarus Curse, not Lazarus Magic? Also, the Sacrifice one can be changed with a quick lore fix. I think Time magic sounds fine. Order Magic is a bit strange, but Judgement, Mandate, Reputation, or Morality magic can replace it.

I don’t know about you but “Art of” instead of just “Magic” sounds way more primordial and grand to me.


Lazarus Magic doesn’t exist, that’s also a reason why this can’t be changed. Sacrifice is fine as it is, honestly the Arts are fine as they are

“The Way of Lazarus” could be cool but that sounds like a fighting style or a book title hehe

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Alternative suggestion, rename all magics to “Art of”

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Either rename all primordial magics to fit a similar style or keep them as x magic. I can see it going either way but consistency sounds nice


I think its fine if there is some inconsistency. It is as if there are different categories of magics. There are the grand fire magics. There are the arts. There is everything else.

Unless there’s some missing info I have, theres nothing that special that separates art primordials compared to others. If there is an actual difference then yeah keeping them as is, is fine

The only thing they have in common is not really being elements and having either vaguely explained visuals or no planned visuals at all.

They also usually are somewhat unique in what they affect (your own health, time, or reputation), but there isn’t really any clearly defined unifying aspect to them.

Yeah seems legit. Probably best to leave em as is

If you remove “art of” it sounds like a regular magic or a lost magic suggestion that got accepted (which won’t happen for a long time). Me saying your first, middle, and last name has more impact that me saying your name/nickname. Sorry for the bad example too tired to think rn

why would it have to be changed they sound sick as hell

rename these nuts

Have them be in AO language as well along with editing spells :joy:

sounds stupid

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