Reputation loss / gain?

Bruh why do you gain like 45 rep for killing bad rep npcs, but lose only like 10 for killing good reps?

this makes no sense.

Magic Council don’t care about non-criminals that don’t threaten their system.

I honestly don’t know though.

on a side note, but same topic, do you ever just lose reputation out of nowhere?

That happens if someone kills an npc that you attacked earlier but left alive cause you either died or just left it be.

But then if you kill a magic council npc in the wilderness you barely lose rep so

Ohh I forgot about that. Though they are just guards/scouts. Haven’t seen the rep loss for captains or david yet.

You lose rep based on how many times you attack them.

you lose about 10 to 20 rep if you kill them too

Nope, only rep loss by hitting them in the wilderness. The killing blow results in the same rep loss as hitting them.

that’s kinda weird, I swear I lost a little bit more rep when I actually killed them :thinking:

wait do mc camps count as their own location thingy or is that ‘wilderness’ too?

That counts as wilderness.

oh okay good to know, yeah the killing blow did result in the same rep loss as hitting them in the wilderness at least