Revamped Tutorial Ideas

The tutorial does not properly communicate mechanics to the player in an effective way. Just because you show them/do something once, doesn’t mean they’ll remember it in the long run. There’s many key parts to the tutorial that need heavy rework to make sure players thoroughly learn the ins and outs of the game. I tried to see any ideas for what aspects of the tutorial could be made and hopefully these are some good ideas.

Separate Tutorial Universe

Separating the player into it’s own universe will definitely help design the area around the mechanics. They don’t need to worry about other NPCs or players and can purely focus on the actual tutorial. The design of the area needs to make sure that the player uses all mechanics that they’ve learned constantly and not just once. Maybe have it be a linear path that they have to take with designed areas meant for each mechanic (ex. climb to get over the wall).

Icons for Buttons

Instead of having it be purely text, show a button of what the key may look like on your keyboard/mouse to better help players understand which button to press.

Blocking Tutorial Change

Have a part of the tutorial be having an NPC come out and attack you. You’ll be slowed down and time will start going again once you press g to block. It will clearly show the reduced damage and visually show how blocking is like. Perhaps another part for perfect blocks, although this may be way harder.

Spell Creation Walkthrough

The game basically tells you “change these if you want, press the create button once done.” I feel like the tutorial should try and make players actually go through the customization list thoroughly. They can easily briefly scroll through and not understand a single thing, making them always ask questions about how things work.

There should be brief explanations to what each stat does too. Just saying “Affects the size of the attack” really doesn’t give much context to how the sliders will work. Some people like myself just thought “oh its just better to go 100% since I don’t know what’s the drawbacks”

Magic Clash/Interaction Section

In the tutorial, there should be a part where you should have to clash with another magic to show that they exist. Just saying very briefly they do exist by saying “fire is weak against water” doesn’t fully tell what it actually means.

Alongside clashing, perhaps there can be a buddy NPC you have that applies one status effect, then you apply another to showcase interactions too. Might be a bit painful to make but it’s a potential solution.

I like most parts of your suggestion. There are just a few things that I would change.


I don’t think a tutorial universe is necessary. The first island can fill the same purpose.

I feel like adding a time slowing feature will take a really long time to implement and it won’t add very much to the game.

I feel like the magic clashing portion is a bit much. It will be hard to get a magic to clash in the first place. I feel like simply elaborating a bit more will suffice. Also, before TGR, on the Book Ideas card, Vetex said that each player would get a book that explains their magic and shows its clashes. I don’t know if that has been scrapped or not but it does give the player a lot of information.

I feel it is necessary. You can easily design the area for the tutorial and make the player do what you want much easier.

I feel if it’s possible, it would help players slow down and understand the mechanic much better. Another example I’d probably go to is Celeste when you’re almost about to fall off and press a button to dash to safety. It teaches you the mechanic in a memorable way.

Not everyone likes to read a book with all interactions. Sometimes it’s better to show then read. This is only just 1 example of how your magic might interact with others and you can easily just show the majority of interactions later on in the game. Just remember, there’s 3 different types of people for learning. Some like reading, seeing, or doing.

Now that I’ve put more thought into it, I do agree that showing a magic clash would be better.

The tutorial universe could work, but I feel like adding a universe for what could be on an island is a bit much. The tutorial would be good with it or without it. Either way works.

I stand by my opinion on the time slowing feature. It is just too much effort for such a small effect.

Again, yea I’d still prefer a universe for the reasons listed above. If it were on the island, I hope that it’s still well executed and memorable

There may be potential work arounds instead of a slow mode. I just feel this is a good idea to have, especially in a solo environment.

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