Roast everyone's musical taste

Post here an album or music that you love to hear and roast the rest for any reason

posting this here because youtube isn’t giving previews anymore why

I didn’t know weeb jazz was a category until now

j-pop jazz is actually really cool lmao, should try it out sometime

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Shitty weeb garbage lmaoo

Anyways, music from 40s-80s

Lets see here…

  • Most of Calamity OST (Including Decrease Your Device’s Aural Output)
  • Undertale Remixes
  • Various Anime Intros
  • Some of the Changed OST (game aside, the music is quite nice)

These would likely be the ones to get me obliterated :/

Universal Collapse is a banger tho fr :flushed:


I was really just directing it to Terry’s wonderful ‘addition’ to the OST…

But yes, it’s a banger.

I don’t want to know, do I?

Just saying, there is a reason why you shouldn’t wear headphones while listening to this…
(I encountered that issue earlier today on a shuffle playlist :/)

Also, volume warning if anyone wants to look for and listen to it.

not to break the chain but asian =/= weeb, you don’t have to be underhandedly stereotypical like that


Any non-latin characters are shitty weeb garbage? You responded to a post about Korean music.


anyhow here’s mine:

Try judging this

Don’t know how to embed :sunglasses:

i couldn’t tell if he was responfing to me or not since i didn’t actually get a notification lmao

My favorite music is called

m i n d n u m b i n g s i l e n c e

The best part of the music is when it goes:


…Basically pretty much any Kirby game’s OSTyeah I don’t use this pfp for no reason, Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario and the Origami King, Miitopia, Mario kart 8… Kingdom heart? That’s what I can think about currently but there’s more.

So I guess I’ll post some Kirby Star Allies stuff because that’s what I got rn

To not fill the screen entirely

Yeah I can’t embed if I hide the details but at least it doesnt make the post 2 km long

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Yes :troll: