Roast my shadow mage AOSL pvp clips (first ever tourney)


Was this some skill issue gameplay?
  • Yes
  • Very much yes
  • How the fuck
  • Switch to metal mage even though you will “lose” your renown (having to restart)
  • Quit AO pvp forever (will not)
  • kys Archen
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Was this topic just a random yapfest?

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  • Yes
  • Uhhh
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I can’t watch the videos for some ungodly reason but people can play how they want :exploding_head: (to that one person)

(I can now, and good god ure shaky but dw it happens to the best of us :+1:)

normal people: hey man hows the weather today?

the skill issue part was me spamming explosions btw

imagine playing AO tourneys

couldn’t be me

(for now)

I get that but… you can do whatever you want !!!

Yappology department called . They want their chief yappologist back

Yura/Yapper needs to shut up and let you play the bleeding game. Dear god.

Why do you make topic and polls for EVERYTHING you do?

try not to use alt lock as much it skill ceilings ur gameplay. also i recommend switching 2nd magic to lightning/anything else with a tp reflex

whats wrong with shadow placed explosion anyway. and whats wrong with playing like a metal mage tf. Let people do their own thing.

i remember someone said to switch 2nd magic to metal because resistance aura

“why play shadow mage when you can play metal mage and do it so much better”



2nd magic aura isnt really good bc of scaling tho

true ig, take note shadow’s aura is 1x or 1.05x and metal’s is 1.4x

i watched the third video a little to get a decent overview of the gameplay. im not the best pvper but there are improvements that can be made.

Even if i play a more rushdown style, it felt like the amount of attacking you did was kinda weird. lots of the time you would just be in the air not doing anything. the best way to fix this would be attacking a little more often like using blast after endlag (either by aiming a little lower or trying to predict where they will go as blast is not too punishable). another thing you could try is using beam when you are at a higher elevation than the opponent. often times its harder to hit attacks when your opponent is at a higher place than you, especially as mage.

As a mage you have to pressure them. as shadow you have the size and speed to make it easier. it looked like they were a berserker meaning they have to approach you. you could use pulsar to chip some damage if they go near u and can use javelin to apply even more pressure since they have limited movement. your best attack would likely be 2 beam and explosion (any explosion). for second magic you might want something with a higher damage which would be better for punishing.

but take this all with salt

I’m pretty sure resistance aura technically lowers your hp regen. I haven’t tested it but since regen was changed to the current system where only base health and vitality increase it I assume that it keeps your regen the same even with a higher max hp, which means you heal a smaller % of your hp

yep, metal is the best second magic for shadow. You can use it to destroy people at close range, you get the broken resistance aura, and you can use a min size metal beam for essentially piercing shot