Roblox Players

me: hey do you play any video games?

classmate: yeah i play some cs:go, minecraft, sometimes CoD, what about you?

me: yeah i play roblox

classmate: isn’t that a kid’s game?

me: yeah it is… but there’s actually some good games on roblox if you know what i mean…

classmate: bro its legit a lego game with block graphics, wdym the games are good??

me: cmon its about the simplicity and game mechanics that count, not the graphics

classmate: SMH game mechanics? what game mechanics?

me: uh so like theres this game called World of Magic thats an RPG game thats pretty good. its got alot of RPG features

classmate: so how many players does it have?

me: nervously sweating last time i checked it was around 5k

classmate: ayo ayo ayo ayo wwhat? 5k? not only does it have trash graphics but its also hella dead? dude what are you doing with your life???

me: :sunglasses:


They just don’t understand :frpensive:

You did pretty well, I usually stop at line 5 :c

Just tell them about Adopt Me and how much money they make and they’ll know what’s up

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huh tell him about the showcase games

Tell them they’re right but also tell them Minecraft is a kid’s game


Hehe. My friends go on and on about how minecraft is the best game ever made so that is perfect.

That’s actually because they’re right, roblox has mediocre quality compared to most games, it is highly rare to find a decent games and even so it can’t top most games outside the platform.
It is mostly due to the beginner developers in this platform and obsessions for cashgrabs.


True hehe, also good if you are a broke asian kid who is scared of spending money. Just like me back then hehe. But pirate bay was a life saver for my friends.

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you get to kill people for high number if number high enough more people join you killing people for more number and you can spam ez yes

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yep do to roblox’s reputation as a kid’s game and the copyright nightmare it is, it’s hard to find a good game.

i honestly feel embarassed when someone asks me what videogames i play

one time i got asked by this guy whos 2 years younger than me what games i play

“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” because i didnt want to admit i played raw bricks


Smh, I bet people like these don’t know the difference between a game and a platform.