Saints & Sinners - Chapter 1, Episode 2 - The Crimson Red Trees

TW - Blood and Death is told in this episode. It’s not too extensive, but it’s still a main section of this episodes.

Saints & Sinners - Chapter 1, Episode 2 - The Crimson Red Trees

Sry for the long wait on the 2nd episode, it’s nearly been 3 days even though I said 1-4 per.

Anyways. You’ve most likely noticed, I changed the name of the story from Four Times Lucky to Saints & Sinners. The reason behind this will become more evident as the episodes progress, and it may even change again depending on how I change the story tbh.

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Hope you enjoy the episode!


damn shit went down here

It’s happening for a reason, this episode is not a filler one trust me.

ik but holy shit

Yeah it’s a pretty big part of the chapter, but there was a TW.

to be honest I feel like the two children are killed during the ‘shits went down’ part, but that’s probably my pessimist kicking in

You’ll have to wait an see…

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Also I’ll be sure to add this to the Series post.

Fixed on all 3 episodes