Thee hast busied thineself, hast thou not?
I do present thou a question.
Dost thy murderer believe that any person may… change?
That one may improve thyself, if were an attempt made?
Heh heh heh heh.
Hast thee a preference a far more urgent question?
…dost thy brethren murderer desire a horrible experience?
In fair warning, were thou to take a step yet once more…
Thou shalt DESPISE events occurring in consequence, I assure thee.
Ah. As thou wish. Do heed that I hast warned thee.
Apologies, maiden. Thy murderer dost prove why mine promises are not to be made.

'Tis a wondrous day today, hm?
Thy lark ist singing a beautiful melody.
Thy flower garden, teeming with life.
Such a tranquil scenery dost merit children like thyself…
…T O B U R N I N T H Y U N D E R W O R L D