🐦 Salvatore Mortale -= Recruitment =-

:bird: Salvatore Mortale :bird:
One of the BEST community clans out there.
:closed_book: Description
Salvatore Mortale is a community-minded clan that focuses on making good relationships with like-minded clans and people. Our goal is to become one of the most flamboyant, and friendly clans out there.
Here is a link to the W.I.P lore for the clan. More chapters will be written soon.
Essentially, our clan seeks to break free from the Grand Navy’s control to create our own country free from tyranny, and war.

:shield: Houses
Our clan offers a variety of different houses fit to what you prioritize or enjoy in the game.
:crossed_swords: House of Conquest :crossed_swords:

This division is the main PVP force when it comes to handling conflicts. They are the first responders which are expected to be able to defeat the threat as quickly and with as little casualties as possible. They also handle bounty hunting and other commissions requested by our allies or outsiders. This is the division to join if you want to learn and experience PVP in Arcane Odyssey.
:money_with_wings: House of Finance :money_with_wings:

This division focuses on the PVE aspects of the game such as gaining items, crowns, and going on boss raids to benefit the clan. This is the division to join if you want to learn the way of the trade as well as providing to the clan in other ways than PVP.
:male_detective: House of Relations :male_detective:

This division is a subdivision, meaning you can join this along with one of the main divisions listed above. This division focuses on diplomacy and gaining mutual and friendly relationships with other clans and seeking out like-minded clans to possibly ally with. This division also stores information that could be of value to us.
:paintbrush: House of Crafts :paintbrush:

This division is another subdivision. This division focuses on varying things relating to the clan’s culture and community. This division does art, recruitment, posters, videos, game nights, animations, lore writing, and much more. (This division will be very important as Arcane Odyssey approaches)
:poggers2: Features

KrakenAnimation by: @Taterds

Unfinished Salvatore anime opening by: @Taterds
(May be cancelled because Taterds tablet that he was animating it on died on him and he cant retrieve it :frpensive: )
:tshirt: Merch

All by: @Bon
:phone: Contact

(Rigged) Democracy

WoM guilds political tier list when

  • Suncry - Authoritarian Democracy
  • Salvatore - Democracy
  • Noble - Anarcho-Capitalism
  • Helios - Authoritarian Democracy
  • Roselight - Authoritarian Democracy
  • Syndicate - Communism
  • Azure - Democratic Capitalism (Or Anarcho, Idk how Azure handles members)
  • Gargle Nut - Post Left Anarchism

Idk more

Idk why, but for Gargle nut, I read it as “Post nut anarchism”

salvatore moment :swag:
this is a joke dont send me to brazil

We need a dictatorship guild :fr:

What happened to forgetting like we promised :frcryin:


More like a Constitutional Monarchy actually but probably nobody knows what that means (neither do i)
Also Roselight is more like an Oligarchy

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