Sans fight (World of Magic meme)

well here you go, a stupid animation that took way longer than it should have (because I’m lazy). I’m planning on the WoM stick figure series don’t worry. It will come (hopefully soon oh god please be soon).
If you look closely, you can even see the main character for the next series, and the hand of his “friend”.


Background was helped (not done) by Ore.

id pay for sans magic

I like

Also did not expect that ending

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I would also pay for sans magic

Sans Undertale :skull:

yikes thats weird never expected it

sans in world of magic


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The video is a lot smaller (and worse quality) than I imagined, so in return, the main character appears at 21 seconds, try to spot him!

I like this but mainly because those gaster blasts are Bone beams

I’m honestly surprised how fast people can make animations and fanart of games right as they come out, this is spectacular, honestly.

you are all being way to kind to me this is just a meme fight it’s not meant to be good.

But it’s GOOOD :ok_hand:

sans really do be woming tho

guys its sand underman and hes in world of magic
vetex meets toby fox confirmed zomg

It’s good ngl. I tried animating with pivot animator but it didnt go too well. Plus I had nothing to do with my animations and got bored.

can burgess just stop auto necrobumping posts for no reason