Savant will be meta next update and you can’t change my mind

If you have checked the balance doc recently, you should know that savant is getting massive buffs, a few of them being:

  • Its moves are getting around 30% bigger
  • It’s weapons are getting a damage buff
  • It’s energy costs are being massively reduced
    -it’s awakening costs are being reduced heavily
    -it will get access to the most arcanium/fstyle items
    there’s more, and the class is already good. The only builds id say might be better would be mage or warrior (magic isn’t getting nerfed that much and warriors getting many buffs), but savant should still have more foothold on the meta.

Are the savant changes highlighted?

Universal change. Affects every builds

No mention of it in the balance doc. Are you sure you read it right?

Again, universal change

Every build is getting a decrease in requirements so it’s debatable

Not shitting on Savant it’s definitely my second favourite build after Mage, but with the current skill point cap of 272 it’s still not enough

Are warriors getting that 4th weapon awakening change? Idk if that was an actual change or a suggestion

The tier changes affect it much more because most of its moves are t1 (at least for fstyles and weapons), while other builds usually float between t2-t3 and won’t see much change. As for the weapon damage buff I stated, the new formula is generally a buff for unimbued weapons whilst magic-imbued are either staying the same or getting lower. There’s also the fact that other builds are getting nerfed, such as warlock synergy nerfs and conjurer size nerfs.

nearly all of them are

Ye beam size increase is nice ig /j
usually the norm is 40 40 20 40 into one stat, pump points just enough for the build to not bugged into hybrid so some size increase on the least invested path is nice but won’t be as useful

Hard to say, I’ll come back later since I’ve got to account for synergies. Beside that, unimbued weapon buff, it’s not like conjurer can’t unimbue their weapon (happen more than you think btw) or warrior gaining nothing from it

don’t forget the second magic/ fstyle and weapons, savant weapons are puny

good point. Personally I just don’t see how viable Savant’s second magic/fs can be with their limited moveset and lower size when they already have around 90 points into another route, so their second-best offensive capability outshines their first awakening in every way

Limited moveset and lower size is not the problem. Its just will be hard to manage 6 icons in your hotbar, lol.

Second magic / fs is mostly for synergy (2nd awakening imbuements)

yes but once you master it it’s so good for combos (if you hit them with the micro size)

Not only for synergies, you can use it to cover more situations (if your first magics light you can have metal or some other heavy for close ranges dmaage.

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It kinda is what with all these agility/atk speed demon running around. Also 7 icon in total if you o so desire

3 weapons + 2 magics and 1 fs
3 weapons + 2 fs and 1 magic.

What did I miss?

I meant when spirit weapons are released

Calvus be like: Master everything and be bad at everything

I mean, maybe you will be able to play with 4 stats, but honestly it sounds bad.

Counterpoint: It’s dope as fuck

You don’t need it all.

I recommend:

  1. Putting shield instead of 3rd weapon and remove it from hotbar.
  2. Don’t try to use all 6-7 ways of attacking at once lol, you are human afterall.
  3. Imbue your weapons and fs with second magic to get synergy while using first magic.
  • Total: 4 hotbar slots.

That’s just recommendation from my own gameplay. Ofc, maybe you will get good enough to use 6-7 hotbar slots at once.