Savants future?

Savant will get an extra fighting style or magic, and depending on what gets added, it could be really annoying.

possibility 1, an ice fighting style gets added. in this situation you get ash magic, 2 FS, thermo fist, and the ice fighting style, as well as a sunken sword.
you can see where this may be going, petrify, freeze, petrify again (this is going to be the trend)

possibility 2, an ash weapon gets added. you take whatever, thermo fist, ash weapon, sunken sword (assuming there both not swords), and ice magic (add magic/FS)

possibility 3, triple freeze option. they add an ice weapon, take whatever, get ice magic, sailor fist, sunken. combining will make every attack you have beside base magic freeze (if not on cooldown)

possibility 4 (most likely) add a fire weapon. get fire weapon, thermo fist, sunken, 2 magics, ash and ice.

possibility 5 (possible as soon as you get awakening 2 assuming knocking fist is already in). knocking fist (its the one with electricity effects right?) water and ice magic, sunken sword, (if they add ice weapon take it). not the best build but with some attack size you will have nice AoE after a freeze and may actuelly get to use it

sry if this is long i just had random ideas that could be horrid

Stun Cooldown exists and may increase further during this week

ik i mention that later but likelyhood of landing constant attacks like that will be low

so almost no cooldown

Do you mean like, they won’t constantly hit their attacks so the CD wouldn’t matter?

If that’s so, I don’t see the extra stun weapons and stuff being necessary at all, because it would just be the same if you just use a single stun synergy due to the CD existing

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well what i mean is since the fighting style has a bunch of moves once they hit the petrify they can get as close as possible with sunken, then rinse and repeat

nothing needs to be added for this

you could have ash, ice, thermo, and sunken sword and have access to petrify and freeze on release (though not as good as it would be if you had imbuements)

this probably wont be that good of a build anyway, unless you have the reaction speed of a literal rock youll be out of stuns in less than half a second anyway + youre going to nerf all of your attack methods because of bad synergies

idk man shadow warlock winning tho fr :nod:

what are stuns for? from all i’ve heard they just sound like easy way to kill noobs

Really do hope that I can like use a strength arcanum weapon with magic imbued

They temporarily inhibit movement which i’m assuming can be good against unprepared opponents, and it’s probably a pretty useful ability in a game with movement based combat. Petrified and frozen also set up really big damage buffs (magma and explosion 40% against petrified, lightning and metal get 40% and 80% against frozen respectively). Ofc I haven’t experienced the combat myself so that’s just my conjecture

yeah, but again, the actual stun itself doesn’t seem to be that great as a dogs said above. unless you have a reaction speed of a literal rock you’ll be out of stuns in less than half a second (ik it’s hyperbole but still)

Yeah which is personally why I don’t think combos that allow for instant freeze or petrify will be OP

yeah but then it also won’t really be usefull no?

Savant awakening copypasted from trello
  • Awakening #1: (Choice)
    • Fighting Savant: 2nd Fighting Style slot, +20 strength requirement for all techniques/options in the 2nd slot
    • Magic Savant: 2nd Magic, +50 magic requirement for all spells/options in the 2nd slot
  • Awakening #2: Ability to imbue fighting styles and magic into weapon skills, and magic into fighting style skills

So what savant is getting is either a bonus FS or magic, and the ability to imbue them into weapon or fighting styles, no?
That means you get 1 magic and 1 FS, or 2 magics and 1 weapon.
This equals to the stuff pure builds are getting except for warden. Mage with 3 magics, berserker with 3 fighting styles and warrior with as many diverse weapons as his inventory lets him have.

Also should consider that a savant is getting less of the high tier skills you’d get at lv125, as well as a slightly lower damage. On release it won’t be a problem due to stat point requirements (roughly 83 points on each if you dont consider vitality), and later on he’ll be balanced out, like everything else.

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1 magic 2 fs and 3 weapons, or 2 magics 1 fs and 3 weapons

Awakening 2 only gives imbuement, and awakening 2 says ‘choice’, which means you choose in between a 2nd fighting style or a 2nd magic.
so 1 magic and 1 fs or 2 magics.

You start off the game with 1 magic and 1 fighting style though, and I don’t think a savant loses either of those when awakening

So if they chose a second fighting style they’d have 2 fs and 1 magic, vice versa

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