Say Hello to Jason Lamina!

Hello I am Jason Lamina the Defender of Riverville and I think the forums are nice cause you get to make allot of friends here on World of Magic/Arcane Odyssey! I wield Magma and wield the amazing Oathkeeper catch you later!


Hello to Jason Lamina!

Hello, enjoy your last name while it last!

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Enjoy your full name before you get bullied

Your name is so cursed and you probably don’t even realize it

Other than that welcome to the forums! Have a cookie

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Welcome to the forums as well @MathMan!

You can have a cookie too

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I really hope he changed his username bru

he purposely did that, some fellows were talking about jason lamina. I’d bet you its you

The Tears of Lamina Going Gone :sob:

now remember bullying is not the answer :smiley:

Uh what happened to MathMan?


Just found out he was another alt of Rb1


yes yes
it is a question
and the answer is yes
anyway welcome lol