Say, if you swap your personalities/traits into the opposites, who would you get?

don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be completely polar opposites, just list some of your noticeable ones and swap/switch the fuck outta them.

  • Mainly does art, occasionally writes, can’t do music → Makes musics, actually writes some stuff, can’t draw for shit
  • Generally chill person with the risks of asshole tendencies → Toxic bitch with rare wholesome moments
  • Intentionally does cringe stuff to piss people off → Harasses people over ‘cringe’ stuff, would make the topic closed after the replies.
  • Some people may know me as a girl, although most people assume I’m a boy → People know I’m a boy but a part of the community assumes I’m a girl
  • Timezone wise, my nationality would be swapped into American

so I got a toxic american forumer with more feminine qualities (and people assume he’s a girl), who mainly makes music

pretty sure he would have at least few suspensions already over his harassments and toxic behaviors, but hey, some people might notice his wholesome side and change their minds on him

username wise, he might be named with some shit like Bill_Silver4839


  • swapped bnt/Bill_Silver4839 would have a stolen art as pfp lmao

does this include political views

depends if you want to switch those too

I now am a centrist boomer who beats her wife

Someone with a positive outlook on life. Would be able to socialize as well.

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me → neo-nazi “i-am-very-smart mature guy” with 0 sense of humor
awesome, i love it

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racism :flushed:

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Shit at cooking
Picasso level art
Tries to fuck up everyone’s day
Lives in india
That’s all I can think of

Ok then.


Does art here and there, Lurks, can do music → Horrid at music, Extremely Active, Draws Quite a bit.
Friendly Lurker that likes a good convo → Well known antisocial down bad toxic bitch
People think im Girl → People think Im boy
California time zone → Asia timezone or something idk

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it said to swap, so i swapped gender

I would be a proud american citizen
Insanely toxic behaviour like a cod kid
Good art
Confidence in myself
I become self centered as hell
People will think I am a girl
Bad cooking

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An extroverted, untalented yet motivated, illogical and blunt freak who has a little interest in just about everything.


The Queen of England is my evil counterpart.

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bnt is liking posts at an insane speed wtf

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wait a minute bnt like every post but this???

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I’m speedrunning my like limits

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reminder that 99% of the people in this thread are getting fucked HARD in terms of economic class

middle class american? oops, you’re now a hard laborer in a third world country

oh cool, what are your talents?

what if i am