Schizo or femboy?

  • Schizo, give him the pills
  • Femboy, burn him

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more like edgelord get this man a foster father

look at my description, it says femboy
so i picked the top one cuz “there aint room for 2 femboiz here”

i think he needs to take LITTLE break from arcane odyssey.

Who could this interesting individual would be? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

i will laser you

why can I not select both answers?

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it could be both

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And i quote “ro-daddies” tf- did i just read FEVER DREAM.


And I thought Arcane Odyssey made me insane, but no, that guy needs some grass, milk, and of course, schizo pills.

Imagine this combination… sounds like perfect poison recipe.
Also… you didn’t said what grass, drugs?

No, literal grass. If we gave that fool some Mary Jane, he’ll just keep making more schizophrenic femboy posts but without any coherent nor intelligible wording.

The voices the voices