School blog 19tg September: facing danger head on

Kinda late, huh? Well, doesn’t matter.
So today the police did some investigating in our school. They often do it because they check if anyone puts vapes or drugs in the lockers. Yes that can be. The only good thing about the investigation is german shepherd dog who sniffs everyone and everything woof

Now, the next thing is that this crazy female (yes now I call her like this) who stalks me tried to contact me through the teacher - on a break she “came to say hello to teacher”. After this teacher (that was a break between two Math lessons) said me that I shouldn’t really run away from this girl. (Maybe that’s her daughter?)

(I still try to make some memes and get more experience about making them. I hope I’ll be able to use that ability wisely)

crazy female sounds like a stand lmao :skull:

ask her if she can ZA WARUDO (dont)

I thought that you were gonna say somebody got caught. Then after reading about the girl I thought she was the one who was gonna get caught but it never happened.

The german shepherds at my school’s drug busts would probably bite your hand off if you tried to pet it :skull:

y’all unironically have drug busts :skull:

Gen Z breaking bad

gen alpha fixing good when

Breaking bad fans when the fixing good fans show up:

yes this is louisiana
i would say “not the good part either” but there is no good part

Bro some my classmates smoke in the class when teacher give us task and walk away for the entire lesson… Our school seems to not care about it

Wait I actually should get some more info about her, maybe she’s the one who is smoking

I’m gonna take a guess at which county you live in. Here is my guess: America

You were wrong by only about 8000 kilometres (5000 miles). So close…

I think any country which isn’t north korea wouldn’t care if a someone is smoking in school


Canada is like a couple hundred meters from the US


Ummm… Europe. The country in Europe you probably never heard about

I feel stupid.

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