School blog 21th September: Relax In Pepperoni

Kind of late again, but it doesn’t matter.
Nothing interesting today didn’t happen. Except for one thing. You’re probably already fricking bored about this topic but… I’ll say this.
(next texts contains some sad info)

Alright I gave up with trying to avoid contacting my follower (yes this girl who follows me sometimes). Now we sometimes even contact to each other, but there’s one huge BUT. We just talked to each other small amount of times and she already told to some people that I am now her boyfriend (I’m actually not wtf). If she was seriously, I am doomed (cuz gossip, her exes and the fact that I have no experience in things like this). My friends who were helping me getting away from her agree that I am doomed to be defeated. Let’s hope I’ll survive.

Relax In Pepperoni

tell her that she’s dead to you. completely ignore her. if she starts being a pissbaby and is malding about everything you do, tell her too shut the fuck up go away. if that doesn’t work report her to a teacher or something for harassment and stuff


tell her to leave you alone? if shes real

The worst part is that I am not mind of being friends, or if it’ll be possible something more, but NOT TOO FAST. If she is unable to feel soul pain, SHE SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT OTHERS CAN FEEL. I just don’t want to do everything so fast. If I do, too much pain and even worse, drama.

She exists.
I could send you her photo if:

  1. I had the photo
  2. that was legal

That will be a last resort, in case we really become… For some reason I am pretty sure it’s impossible. Well because then it turns into a classic snotty tearful “film”. Well still thanks, your advice should work

Just tell those people she was lying. THough they may not believe you. Good luck on surviving.

i wouldnt let that slide bro

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dude why haven’t you told any staff or teacher about this :skull:

and if you did you should tell again.

this is clearly harassment and shouldn’t be tolerated at all.

yeah honestly, I wouldn’t take that level of disrespect, that’s just me tho yk

I will just probably hire a hitman. Efficiency 100%

My school has very “big smart system”. In case of conflicts with others:

  1. try to solve just with person you conflict with
  2. if doesn’t work, ask teacher, on whose lesson that happened. (if that was a break, the teacher of next lesson I think)
  3. then the teacher contacts classroom teacher.
  4. both sides who conflicted try solve with classroom teacher.
  5. if all of the above didn’t work, THEN the staff or the director join the incident.

okay well did you try everything listed there?

Not yet, but I’m gonna try at least the first. Well I hope that was her dumb joke. It would be easier then. Because as I once posted one teacher said that I shouldn’t really run away from a girl (at that point it all looked like innocently - these are results)

well if it’s bothering you, then you should voice your concern no matter what

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is she a baddie


getting the chance 99.99% of the people on this site will never get
nuking it this hard

Why are people like this :frcryin:

Actually not, but her obstrusiveness kinda annoys
(Also if u want look my new topic for 22ty September with new info)

asking if she hot