School blog 22th September: **no more deals**

Alright, I listened to your advices. That’s what happened.
Break between two same lessons. I left the classroom for a while. After 1 or 2 minutes I saw my two classmates coming with that crazy girl (they’re friends actually) who follows me sometimes. I decided to hide quickly. That worked… But for a couple of minutes. She saw me, but acted like she didn’t see me. After 20 - 30 seconds she started approaching me. Luckily, the emergency stairs were just near. I ran downstairs. Waited a while. Then came back, but from another way. I tried to make pro stealth sneaking in a classroom and hiding, but failed. And here comes the main part. The girl saw me and said:
“Hey, hello! How are you?”
I knew what comes next if I answer politely, and said:
“Everything was fine, but you came.”

It seems I managed to offend her really strong. Now she either will stop, either become my nightmare and enemy.
I am still glad that I said what I thought. Thank you all for support.

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Well at least that worked :wink:

What a sad story
She loves you but you rejected her :sob:

This was ur chance to get some bitches


My emotions about this:

Why some? And I kinda don’t need a gf lol.
Even through the next meme is made by me:


Bruh I wrote single forever but it ate word “forever”.

Ahem uh, being virgin is ok. At least at my age.

Single forever
Stop being alone and get some bitches NOW

Bro it’s almost 9 pm now here. Not today

Single forever… Virgin… Alone…

Well I can’t disagree with you. Because this is how some maniacs start their career …

sob story

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flare at 13-14 educating somebody on getting bitches

who would’ve thought :pensive:

Summary of college classes today: I had my first class cancelled for the morning because the professor said we’re way ahead of schedule so I got 3 hours of break :smiley:

As for the rest I’m chillin

The last alive

This reads like something AI generated


for a whole second i thought you threw hands( in reference to me saying you should NOT let this slide)

man what the fuck

Can you please just get to know her? based on what you telling us shes become a little more civilized and has become friends with your friends

this sounds fake for some odd reason

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Well she always was friends of my two classmates (who are not really my friends). It’s just problem in that I am probably a sociopath.

alright, ive reformulated my opinion on this like 10 times already and, look, idk how to say it
you look crazy

i have no context at all and honestly its funnier without but damn