Schools over, lurker mode off

Today was the end of my last class, on the last day of the first semester.
My school projects and assignments are all done, I’m no longer just gonna log on to stay en route for devotee, scroll through the topics and vote on polls like I’ve been doing the last week or two.

Anyways, how y’all been?
Scholl/work still hitting you strong? On break already?
What plans do you have for the free time you (will) have?

For me, winter break’s been extended due to 'rona, so I have plenty of time now.
I’m definetely gonna chill for a few days, catch up on sleeping and such first, then I have so many options to choose from.

Further my programming skills? There’s plenty cool things I could do and have it be fun.
Learn to play a new song, or make a new song maybe?
Watch through my algebra teachers YouTube videos? They’re genuinely both educational and fun to watch, and he’s one hell of a cool dude.

Many options and still more in forgetting, but I’m glad to be back to doing things I enjoy while being relaxed, not that I dislike school, I unironicaly like my school, but doing 5 projects in a week is a bit taxing.

I see I’ve been missing the writing of the long texts… hope it’s an easy read.

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Bruh I have one more day
They have to keep us next monday
Then I’m free :frcryin:

3 more hours and I’ll finally be free

After this one period in school i shall be free

Yes im slacking off

This isn’t even a holiday for me, I still got to study for my prelims in January :empty:

My last class was yesterday and now I can slack off 24 hours a day.

yo today was my last class too

I’m currently in my last period and then I’m on winter break
I was also gonna do my poetry presentation but time beat me to it and idk if I’m gonna get a grade for it :frcryin:

the lurking never stops

finally classes are over till next year…

They keep me til wednesday

i have school next week MONDAY AND TUESDAY

im already free until february 1

enjoy your holidays

Same here. Since the beginning of December. You must be in Australia.


Quite a long holiday isn’t it.

it really is, almost two months

omg same im so happy.


yall having semesters?

im having semesters split in HALF

which means i have to learn math in 10 weeks