Scrapped idea was pretty bad

Bad idea was here so it was scrapped

So… these would give you a small, tiny percentile chance to just not loose a limb or take armor damage? Like, literally 1-2% per gem?

In absolutely no situation would this be worth it. Not when you can boost something that will affect your gameplay way more actively.

Now, if you’re suggesting these gems instead increase the threshold for limb loss… it’s still not really worth it. This would be better, but when choosing between this, energy charge rate in a magic game, or swim speed in a sailing based game—I gotta say these just aren’t worth it.

Also, you’ve gotta put more effort than this into a suggestion my guy. Vetex’s doing enough work as-is. You could at least suggest the name of the gem that would give these stats, and properly explain the system as a whole.

I’m stupid, I forgot how jewelcrafting works.


I mean either way if it was a secondary stat it would be pretty useless for non weapon builds so yea unless theres a real downside to limb loss other than not being able to hold weapons this is pretty useless

I still think that just straight up removing limb loss is the better solution.

im thinking of suggesting a suggestion for limb loss to balancecord

you can’t climb or fish?

the best change limb loss can get is complete removal.

no seriously its even worse than jailtime when it comes to being a useless waste-of-time mechanic that contributes literally nothing to the game.

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jailtime is so someone can get u out b4 you about to be executed, also that’s an opinion

And how come people better than me are always dying bro just dodge and block

Ya’ll are always talking about how ppl can reflex away and then never do it urselves?

I can see people making excuses for jailtime, that happens regularly (and it took literally less than 1 minute for somebody to jump in to make excuses for it here), but limb loss CAN’T be justified in any way whatsoever.
It serves no purpose other than to further punish players for taking too much damage at once.
It can be completely negated via vanity.
It disables an entire path, rendering some players completely helpless if they’re hit by it.
It triggers completely randomly.
It makes exploration harder in a game about exploration.
It disables fishing.


pov you are in jail and nimbus sea just released

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