Sea Monsters in AO

ok so

We’re getting a variety of sharks (Such as White Eyes) as sea monsters, but the question is will there be other types?

I know it’d be considerably hard for Vetex to make one due to the fact that he’s only a single developer, and to make a monster you have to:
Design/concept art → Model → Animate and make moves for it → Polish

But it’s always possible for him to get help from a contributor to do the first 2 or 3 parts.
So basically, do you think we’ll get sea monsters besides sharks, or would it be too much work and stress for Vetex?

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Absolutely, we’ve already seen images of things we can fish up that look like they can be sea monsters such as giant squids. So there’s room for different types of sea monsters of varying scale and design

they belong inside typicak’s belly

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Tech does design and concept art

i feel like he would hire somebody to do it but rest assured there are plans for sea monsters

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he is good at doing things
but he does have help from testers and tech
i think he wants to add things like kraken (the squid) and stuff
definitely fun things in the dark seas

giant leeches maybe

giant serpent when :flushed: