Sealed Chest/Cargo Changes

Sealed Chest/Cargo Changes
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You should be able to manually position objects using your mouse. If your mouse is over a spot that’s clear and close, pressing F or M1 would place the crate, chest, or whatever over that spot. This would make moving large amounts of cargo much easier, and it would let you more easily and efficiently pack items onto your ship.

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Ok, but what about orientation? Presumably Q and E could be used to rotate what we are holding counterclockwise (Q) or clockwise (E).

Adding onto this, maybe there could also be some kind of add on which lets you condense multiple cargo/chests into one spot, that you can then carry all at once. Would help for putting things onto and taking things off of your ship quickly.

while on the topic of cargo changes, it would be nice if you could purchase them slightly quicker, too
the current delay feels like a misclick prevention but in all honesty just makes the process take way longer than needed

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