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I saw this image around and thought, you know there is another community this could work with

Congrarulations, this title was absolutely earned for this community right here :partying_face:


epic like farming strat

also this is kind of irritating me so im just going to spew my thoughts, some ao fans do complain about stuff or say their negative thoughts of certain features of the game/feedback, but there’s an overwhelming majority of people who only say positive things about the game, but vetex doesn’t acknowledge that, he only ever replies and acknowledges negative comments about his game and never any positive things said to him (at least publically). While I do get replying to bad things said about your game a few times or so, there are times where he’s just answering the same questions and acknowledging obvious trolls/maliciously ignorant people on twitter a lot, then he wants to go on and say that the people of his community are just nitpicking shit in his game when thats only the small minority of people, and due to that fact, and ao fans being mostly teenagers who can’t think for themselves just hop on whatever their favourite game dev is saying, and will crucify anyone who has any slight negative thoughts about the game and has lead them into a delusion where if you don’t agree with vetex then you’re an idiot and wrong.

tl;dr i am ranting about how vetex not acknowledging the positivity from his community and constantly replying to negativity is making his fans delusional and pretentious


this is pretty true, I’ve never seen vetex comment back on praise and only get highly defensive against negative critics slandering the game, I mean there’s nothing wrong with defending your game especially against people with pretty shitty takes, like how AO is just a midwoken clone or some awful opinion like that, but then again vetex never really seems to acknowledge all the praise he gets and sometimes I worry if that’s like a genuine issue because it makes the community look snobby and also it might not be the best for his mental heatlh.

I have no reason to farm likes, I just thought it was funny when i saw it, chill out a tad

Meh he frequently likes posts complementing him/the game, especially on Twitter after he posts he’ll like a bunch of small comments saying stuff like “game looks great, keep up the good work” etc