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  • Yellow Pill
  • Green Pill
  • Blue Pill
  • Orange Pill
  • Red Pill
  • Pink Pill
  • Gray Pill
  • Black Pill

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Where’s the Purple or Brown Pill? These pills are racist

if you dont pick the pink pill you are slow

If you have control over rats, you basically have control over new york city entirely.

Why wouldnt I want to become the plague lord

and that wording can also be worded as being able to control people who are considered rats, which would be a large chunk of people

green pill is free food

What kind of magic is in the mall katanas? If it’ll let me slice through shit like stone, or shoot magic blasts, I’m choosing them anyways.

if you take the yellow pill you go to hell

we can just command you to take us back to overworld

Have you ever wanted to fill someone with Chicken Tenders to destroy their insides? (Also I could control rats with the food)

rats are too good-hearted to ever enter hell as we get rejected and sent straight to heaven

you cant change what the pills do

plus meta choose the yellow pill so

the pill won’t immediately take you to hell, but the action of choosing the yellow pill will result in the consequences of going to hell

Thats not what mariana put so its not a thing you lier

my exact thoughts

i am a liar but also im not lying because if you choose the pill that controls innocent, good citizens (yellow) god rejects you, but if you choose the pill that turns you into the alpha species (black) god accepts you

we could also bribe steve into doing whatever we want by giving him hundreds of chicken tenders

So your saying the race god loves is crabs but if we have control over rats god will hate us?