Selectorch Fishing Stream


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lucky you
Iā€™m trying to get in right now

good luck

even if the server is full of people who know selectorch iā€™m waiting for one of the randoms there to leave out of boredom

Or for somebody to have to do something else

is this rn

Yep, but the server is full and i would love to get my ash file in there


I do not believe this is a reminder for AO

hey look
RobloxScreenShot20230210_161812304 (2)

That was fun
I wish i was more patient with fishing though


Hey mom look im on TV

Only now did i notice you were karma

That was a lot of fun

Pretty happy I sacrificed the time I would normally use to play pikmin for that

hehe I was there, fishing, was fun fishing and sharing my greatest foodtake of all time

Who were you?

Also, ice cream cake is the best kind of cake.

i think

wished i could join but im writing an essay rn :cry: