Sellin’ Tradin’

Yes you read right
Trading | Black Valk
Black cape
Hard blue wizard pants
Strong black wizard hat
Hard blue wizard robe

Hard power amulet: Max level and dull
Hard defense amulet: max level and dull
Strong power amulet: Not for trade

Selling vanity items, dm me.

Got a few other valks aswell.

Strong Wizard Robe / Pants is what im after

Hello im interested in the Hard Blue Wizard Pants, how can I dm you?
I need your disc tag

How much for the hard defense amulet?

Can i trade for your hard defense amulet + your hard power amulet. I can give you 700 crowns + a few valks for them.

I am willing to pay for 700 crown for the defense

Can’t add you on discord because of the space in your username
Also I’m lookin for the Black cape & Black Valk Vanity items & your Strong black wizard hat
DM me and we can discuss on discord

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