Selling Dull Amulets

Selling these, let me know if interested.

EDIT: There is now only 1 power amulet left in stock.
EDIT 2: Power amulets are no longer in stock, all that remain is 2 casting speed and 1 magic speed.

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Selling all of them?

How much for a power

If one of them is a power amulet, I’ll give you these for one of em!


How much for that power amulet

Yes, I am selling all of them.

140 crowns.

The one on the right is a power amulet, yes.
I’m going to decline your offer.

140 crowns.

do you still have a Power amulet dull in sell ?

1 remaining, correct.

im buying name your price if its 140 crown tell me when your free for the trade

I am free now, and the price will be 140 crowns.

whats your name in roblox

Name in game is Nia Silver.

Howmuch for the power

If you read the post, you’d know there wasn’t any left.
Also, I had made a new post which was much more organised and had more stuff.

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