Selling hard old spear (max lv)

ok so im just gonna sell a hard old spear thats been sitting in my invintory, my user is Demontos1 if you wanna trade

I feel like accepting this out of pity


Are you kidding me. What kinda trade is this. Ain’t nobody care about a hard spear

i mean, it can come in handy

no it wouldn’t; because spears are generally bad in wom + hard enchant is useless on spears

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no it would not, weapons do little baby damage without strength, hard enchant just makes it even less valuable than it already is (its already worthless btw) and its hitbox is smaller than a quark

It really doesn’t lol

how about just sell it ingame to get crowns…

one old boot for it please

cough cough vistirian spear, strong oath cough cough

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