Selling / Offering 2 Clean Axe

at least 1k crowns or offer items

are you… selling axes for crowns…

Discord tag isn’t correct :frcryin:

this sounds too good to be true…

You could just code farm crowns by downloading Roblox from the Microsoft store, redeeming codes and transfering those crowns to your main account. Some of the codes:
Also this is the reason crowns have no value.

you can also get max crowns in less then an hour if you pop a x2 crown code and use a tracker to farm a boss you want boss items from, easy crowns + boss item chances.

5k crowns each :fr:

this guy doesn’t know the values

3k for all of them (you should reconsider your offer bro you are overpaying way tooo much)

Tbh. I dont really care. I thought its getting remove next update. Why is it worth a lot? Idm selling cheap stuff

yeah it is going to be removed, only to be substituted by a weapon the same or slightly superior rarity/utility

ok then. sell me them.

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ill take the entire stock

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